[–] ToxicWhiteMale ago 

The "victim" is another nigga. I'm sure he was asking for it.

[–] Ara_llamas ago 

i was expecting to see a nog burning

[–] derram ago 

https://archive.ph/zpqYr :

2019-07-11 | Alabama man arrested after posting video kidnapping and assaulting man on social media | Daily Mail Online

'Alabama police have arrested a man who shared a video of himself on social media tying a beat-up man to a chair and setting a fire underneath him. ', "Over a day after the disturbing video was posted, police and the U.S. Marshal's Fugitive Task Force found and arrested Hill on Wednesday."

'Auburn man Kendrick Omar Hill, 30, was arrested on Wednesday, suspected of sharing the video of the violent assault on social media on Tuesday, where it went viral. '

'The man films himself talking then shows his victim, who appears to be gagged, as flames are visible underneath the chair. '

'When officers arrived on the scene the victim, 31, was found still tied to the chair and the suspect fled on foot. '

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