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Anyone who has one of those voice activated Internet things in their home is an idiot and is asking for their privacy to be compromised.

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You mean like your smartphone? This includes Google Assistant which in included with every smartphone.

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Smartphones are also spy devices. Just like Alexa and Google Assistant. This is why I use an old school flip-phone with a removable battery.

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The difference between your smartphone and Alexa is that while the smartphone can be used as a remote microphone, that is not its primary purpose and not what it’s designed to do. Alexa and all that crap is structured to be an open listening device.

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I mean... nobody concerned even a LITTLE concerned with privacy would literally PAY FOR OUT OF THEIR POCKETS and install a microphone for a big corporation in their house lols.

Ofc they listen, the idiots called them in.

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dont be evil

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They dropped this many years ago.

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This surprises nobody with an IQ much over room temperature. Voats user base would have among the lowest rates of this tech ownership around I'd be willing to bet. How many goats here would even consider having one??? Exactly.

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I wouldn't, but i know a lot of uninformed people who are never told the ramifications of these things. They all "assume" that these devices are secure and safe, without ever wondering where the data goes.

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Of course we have to implement these devices to prevent hate speech, anti-semitic hollywood movie and entertainment critiques, inappropriate thought, and politically mandated behavior. As in the street; in the home. How else can we run the social rewards and punishments system that was set up so well, recently, by the Chinese.