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his mother was with him at the time of the shooting and did not report it to police.

Of course not.

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Why no dad with him?

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What'sta report? He dindu nuffin!

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A 17 yr old nigger had a BMW? Drug money, I suppose?

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Neck tat at 17... A real winner.

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Could have been Obama's son.

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A friendly suggestion: conflate niggers more with low IQ than low income if you don't already. The latter is not nearly as dependent on the former as race is. I'll dig up the statistics if you ask / don't know already; the disparity is laughable.

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Plenty of tards, cunts and nogs land ass first into high paying bullshit jobs.

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Used BMWs can be bought cheap, because repairs can be expensive for them. So if you buy one, you better have a good mechanic and deep pockets. Or be able to wrench on it yourself. Niggers have not evolved into using complicated tools yet, so they took it to this guy to get it fixed. I'm sure the oil or brakes hadn't been changed in years, and the car needed a fuck ton of work because that is how niggers are. Probably smelled like the bathroom of a whore house from all of the air fresheners hanging in it trying to cover the nigger stink.

So when presented with a $500+ dollar bill, and realizing that he'd already spent his welfare check for the month, the coon figured it was easier to just kill the guy who was trying to make on honest living. Mom didn't report it because "he beez a good boy, and didn't mean to kill him" but mostly because she's a nigger too and they are tribal. Proving once again, that the best way to deal with shitskins is to stay far away from them.

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sucks to see another productive white bite the dust to worthless niggers yet again. So tired of dealing with their retarded bullshit.

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Serves the dipshit mechanic right for inviting niggers to his home.

Still funny that the nigress and niggling have different last names though.

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Let’s take guns away from more mechanics since they seem to be killed by niggers.

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Finally, a common-sense approach to this nigger-on-mechanic violence problem

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Wonder why dude offered to work on the nigger's car at all.

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Dat mugshot says it all. Such a wonderful looking gaze of a soon to be future doctor.

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me n my moms got locked up

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She looks like a monkey.

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