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Add 20 or more to it and they'll do the same thing. Nothing.

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Write them all a big check and they'll go away. No big deal the Clinton's have amassed a billion from "public service" to themselves.

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This shit is no different from pro wrestling. Don't fall for it. It's all horseshit. Just a show.

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Who gives a fuck about an ex potus who committed a shit load of crime?

There is no accountability

There is no justice

There is zero chance that rapists and murderers will ever be punished for their crimes.

Do you know what tomorrow will bring?

More of the exact same thing.

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Since he was the first black president, let me assure you that he dindu nuffin.

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Lol wut. Am I missing a meme? Wait, it all makes sense now. Muh dick, accomplished nothing, fucks ugly fat white women. Bill Clinton is black!

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Well, you’re certainly missing something.

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Secret Service should have all the records.

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Clinton made it a point to ditch them

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But they would have records of when they were ditched.