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Everyone knows that. Because it's normal behavior for them. Its understood they are subhuman so it's not news. You people post the most obvious shit

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If the car owner is smart he or she should send the invoice for damage to Chancellor Merkel, claiming one of her poor refugees cant pay for damages, As a responsible owner she should pay for damages created by one of her "guests"

[–] harmlessgryphon ago 

Nig was obviously sick, he didn't steal the Mercedes.

[–] KILLtheRATS ago 

We need videos, that are easily searchable, that has these examples.

[–] NakatomiBaby ago 

Time for the Fourth.

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This is when 3 dude just walk out there and bum rush his ass....then when you got him on the ground put his teeth along a curb abd stomp his teeth out

[–] Kekistani_SS ago  (edited ago)

Which zoo did he brake out? Anyway, sure his private insurance will pay the victims...

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Since no one watches CNN, no loss.

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