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thanks for giving them warnings.... well at least the NGO's that harvest... i mean harbor them, they now know!

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Serious a question, what good is a warning? Are they just never going to return home again?

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The Warning is political theatre.

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Useless P.O.S.

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Where did you get the figure, "Thousands" from? Based on that image it only states those with orders. I am sure there are more than just a few thousand of those. While it isn't the vast majority, it's a start and more than most have done about the problem. You have to start somewhere.

I do have to ask though: What document did you find that had the total to be removed? What document did you find that states the number to be only thousands with court ordered removal orders?

I am just curious so I can reference it when people ask how many are to be removed. I am assuming that is something you would know off hand as you stated it as fact.

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What has happened? Yet another "about to" proclamation in a long list of "about to" proclamations, aka nothing has happened, not a win. Winning is 140 million having been deported(past tense,) correcting demographics back to pre jew 1965 invasion act. https://files.catbox.moe/mltmge.jpg

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So tired of WINNING 😪😪😪

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Breaking news: a government agency is going to actually do its job. [Spoiler alert: they wont do shit]

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I thought it was 60 million?

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66 gorillion

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That is a much more accurate estimate. Even areas of the east coast are riddled with illegal spics and their offspring.

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I heard an ICE spokesman say there are at least 1 million with deportation orders, but said they wouldn't go after all of them.

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Easy fix, make shooting illegals not a crime, and let the citizens do it. Offer 150$ per head or some shit like that, and boom, problem would be solved in a week.

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And if a bunch of legal beaners and other shitskins get whacked along with them, I wouldn't even be mad.

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