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I'm sorry you were raped as a child. Stop being a faggot and assume your proper place in this universe.

What else do you need?

Edit: WEW, look at those faggots vote!

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Some need deprogramming. I had to deprogram myself. Its not pretty.

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How do you stop liking dick? How do you start?? So many questions.

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Haha, you literally butthurt.

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So, what was your magic way of making yourself attracted to women instead of men, and it being a natural thing instead of a forced "take it day-to-day" and apply everything from occupying yourself immediately with something else, all the way to aversion "therapy" - only for you to not be attracted to women and still attracted to men afterwards?

Because the whole "egads, run away" thing ends up doing more psychological damage, depending on how you avert yourself. If you want to cure a homosexual, FIRST you have to instill an attraction to women, while removing his attraction to men. No method I've ever seen approaches this because it can't be done. Females on the other hand are an entirely different creature, that for the most part seem bisexual and their sexual behavior is largely environmental - whereas male's sexuality is biological.

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I mean, personally, I always knew I wasn't fully straight, but not gay either. Ever since I've gotten a girlfriend I've become much less attracted to male forms, so it might have been just me not being able to get any sort of action that lead me to be interested in guys. I find it's just much easier to call myself BI, primarily so I can be a part of the LGBT umbrella and therefore be able to criticize faggotry without being auto-called a homophobe.

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"Because you can't change your sexuality"

-"Don't you frequently try to convert drunk/high straight guys?"

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Behold the hypocrisy of the faggots! It pisses me off when gay guys do that.

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Why are you hanging out with faggots?

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"What my father did do was use his psychological training and his Judeo-Christian worldview to help men overcome traumas that they"


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Books are nice, but the fluoride and gays adopting are still problems.

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I'd say it's not so much the fluoride as the recycled birth-control pee. The fluoride just makes you stupid and shortens your lifespan.

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Edit - always dump a pinch of taurine into your tea, green or black. The plant naturally accumulates fluoride.

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Waving a whole month a faggot flag is en vogue, but waving your countries flag for a minute is a controversy.

Fucking degenerative clown world. Also, fuck (((them))) for their Cultural Marxism.

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Dr. Joseph Nicolosi's videos at https://www.youtube.com/user/josephnicolosi/videos

Nicolosi's 'Healing Homosexuality: Case Stories of Reparative Therapy' is available at libgen.is

"The last few decades brought about significant changes in the moral valuation, legal status, and psychological description of homosexuality. The change in description was reflected in 1973 the American Psychiatric Association removed homosexuality in and of itself as a pathological condition from the DSM. At this time the legitimacy, effectiveness, and ethicality of change-oriented interventions also came into question. This in turn led to most mental health associations asserting that homosexual orientation and/or attractions could never be modified. Within this exclusively gay-affirmative position, the presumed and prescribed optimal outcome of therapy for clients ambivalent about their attractions to the same gender is developing and achieving acceptance of and identification with their sexual desires." - Practice Guidelines for the Treatment of Unwanted Same-Sex Attractions and Behavior

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quit homosexuality

Love the wording. Sure in re-inflame the flaming.

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By banning these books Amazon is indirectly condoning Pedo's. DO NOT do any business with Amazon. Period.

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