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What's the story on the war on ice cream?

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My guess is that ice cream is more of a white thing because we tolerate dairy better than niggers due to the fact that they are too fucking stupid to have ever domesticated cattle. I think they are flexing on whites by being,niggers, as usual

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Well, to be technically correct, they have "domesticated" cattle

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I think you are giving them too much credit. It would have required the copycats to have had a thought in order to have a reason. My best guess is these dumb niggers saw one person who happened to do it to ice cream quite randomly, and again, they couldn't even think creatively enough to do other groceries. This is how mindless and robotic they are. See one nigger do something that gets attention, mimic. I say the initial one was a random selection of the ice cream, but it was probably some fat cunt who couldn't wait for her EBT to kick in. She saw some white lady purchasing it, and decided she was just going to go eat it in the store. Wait, why not get some sweet retweets by filming myself lick this, sticking it to those privileged white fucks.

What electricity was to Frankenstein's monster, welfare has been to niggers. Democrats took an animal and made them monsters.

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due to the fact that they are too fucking stupid to have ever domesticated cattle

That's not quite true: Masai and Zulus both have strong cattle herding cultures. I don't think it's a west african thing though, which is where most American blacks come from.

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...they are too fucking stupid to have ever domesticated cattle.

This video seems to suggest othewise.

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Negro licks ice creme and now everyone wants attention.

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Coming up next, tensions rise in “the war on ice cream” more after these messages.

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Media is fanning the flames by repeated showing of these crimes. They should just offer a how-to segment for the dim copy cats.

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Some nigs just want to see the world nog. No point to anything they do beyond that.

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Some nigs just want to see the world nog.

I need that as a bumper sticker.

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There are an increasing number of people that are just incompatible with civilized society.

We really need to designate a vast swath of desert, surround it with automated turrets and just chuck these idiots in. If their families or charitable organizations want to launch food in to feed them they can do it on their own dime. Otherwise just let them eat cactus and whatever critters they can run down.

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Transports to Puerto Rico, the perfect penal colony.

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Way too nice. Too easy to leave.

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I’d prefer the final solution.

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Can we use a trebuchet?

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This is the UN 2030 plan. The problem with your idea is when the "who" shifts to you what do you do?

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What a classy bamboo-coon.

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Can someone explain to me why these people congregate in Florida? Or is it the environment itself that somehow promotes this.

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Also does not hurt that FL is 3rd most populous state, so there are just more of them.

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Shitty people seem to reside in hot environments...

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It's partly why, it takes more work and smarts to survive in the cold ❄, if we have an ice age these people would die of exposure

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Interesting. Thank you for sharing.

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Woman? That's a female insectoid not a woman.

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so basically, if a store isn't owned, staffed and frequented by ONLY whites, we can't go there any more because these sub human fucks are shitting, pissing, spitting and rubbing themselves over everything... Fucks sake.

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All while the government makes it harder for whites to run their own businesses...

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https://archive.ph/1TgPP :

2019-07-10 | Florida woman arrested for spitting on ice cream, peeing in bucket

'Blue Bell ice cream: Texas police believe they have found ice cream licker from viral videoAnother ice cream licker: Second person accused of licking Blue Bell ice cream at storeOn June 22, the affidavit said she was seen urinating into a bucket used to churn ice cream and then emptying the bucket into a rinsing sink used to wash ice cream utensils. '

'A Florida woman was arrested after police say she spit in ice cream, picked her nose and touched it, and urinated in a bucket used to churn ice cream, forcing the shop to close for days. ', "The ice cream shop was forced to destroy all the ice cream and closed for about five days for the public's safety.“I guess she wasn’t liking that we were getting popular,” owner Paul Chiulli told the Tampa Bay Times."

'It also said she was seen picking her nose before putting her hands in the ice cream and spitting into the containers after opening the freezer. '

'The affidavit said there were five incidents of Wypcha using the bathroom that her business shared with the ice cream shop, with the door wide open, and then putting her hands in the containers of ice cream without washing her hands. '

This has been an automated message.

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RE: Ice cream licker - police believe it's a copycat incident. Here we go. Another fucking social media stunt that will start to trend. The "ice cream licker" challenge; coming soon to a social media platform near you.

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NPCs are fully programmable

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Start new flavors ... ‘COPYCAT’ Or “MONKEY SEE MONKEY DO”

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"Hello Youtube, I nominate all my best pals, this is the beat a nigger challenge"

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Kids aren't Faith Hilling anymore? I thought they all started that after the planking craze.

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Yep, not white.

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still, srazie ?

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