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You wise guys commenting on this probably think that being killed in prison is now normalized, after this guy was killed in prison, after being sent there for a 'hate crime' against muslims.


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There's so many kike shills in here it's not even funny.

What is funny though is they use jew as an insult.

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and you guys don't see how fake-alt-press kike-media is a self-reinforcing circle-jerk? Alex Jones won't name the jew (was married to one, so his kids are jews) and Stephen Christopher Yaxley-Lennon changed his name to Tommy Robinson so you wouldn't know he's a jew...

Stop falling for the kike bullshit! these clowns are distractions!

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Dude's life is on the line but voat gamma fags can't miss an opportunity to sperg about the Jews. He's risking his life to defend Britain. Have you done anything at all but complain on the internet?

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Fuck off. All he does is distracting people without naming a real enemy. He is wasting everybody's time.

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he's not risking ANYTHING. he's a jew who works for the jew-media to make you focus all of your anti-pedophilia rage toward muslims while you ignore the established and entrenched jewish pedophile network which has preyed on your women/children for decades! fake-tommy is right to point out the evil of muslims, but he's only doing it to make you look at the muslims and ignore the jews. - When was the last major headline about BBC/noble pedophiles?

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nope, he went after the muslims, jews threw him in prison for it, now what do normies like you think? ohhhh muslims run my country, me must hate muslims. in no time you will be in iran dying for israel because muh evil muslims.

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he's a shill, paid by some NGO like Correct The Record to consensus crack and forum slide since the 2020 elections are right around the corner.

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You mean, you would be ready to bet your bottom dollar on that TR (or one of his family) WONT be killed in prison?

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Yaxley and Lennon are not Jewish names. Specifically which of his ancestors are Jewish?

Anyone else find it odd that in any post about Tommy or Stephen he is so quickly attacked with the same lines every time?

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The faggot is a self admitted zionist you fucking retard.

Look at this kike lover wearing a mossad t-shirt


Tommy is a jew loving crypto

[–] Bindlestiff ago 

shill spotted.

[–] nosejobsforequality ago 

pfft. are you holding a mirror?

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and we need to act up now

Why should someone act in favor of someone who openly says that he is a Zionist. Tommy wears T-Shirts with mossad and IDF on it. Doesn't he know that jews are behind those mass migration plans?

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Is that not the objective of sending him to prison?

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Why are they so bad at killing this guy in prison? He's been in there several times and nothing.

The guy who left the bacon sandwich on the mosques front steps was dead within a week of his sentence.

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Because this one is protected by the same ((people)) who fund him.

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Bacon sandwiches? Bro, what happened there?

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because tommy would go in and start a fight the second he got there so he would be put in solitary you fucking sand nigger.

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WH.gov has petition to grant asylum to Tommy in US and not separate his family started today.

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Too late once Tommy is locked up.

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Yea I'm sure he'll be "killed" and disappear to start a new life in Israel.

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