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((( the media )))

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It's almost like these kikes work together as some sort of cohesive group, almost like a (((tribe)))

[–] XSS1337 ago 

ADL ? AIPAC ? Federal reserve ?

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It wasn't the media. It was KUSHNER that rescinded the invite.

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Smells like a Jared

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The (((media))) was just the tool used. The ADL were the ones kvetching.

And as another goat said, once the ADL brands you as "anti-semitic," there's no going back. He should just embrace it now.

[–] logos_ethos ago 

Maybe the ADL will be sued for defamation again.

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HE NEVER should have put it on a tweet/facebook/whatever bragging that "I AM GOING TO THE WHITEHOUSE"!

That boastful gloat mobilized the lidtards.

It was predictable outcome, and he knew it would end this way.

He should have gloated AFTER, the next day after, not the week before.

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You know what is actually literally anti-semitic? Going door to door with actual Nazis in the 1930s in order to identify Jewish people to be sent to the camps and find their property to steal.

That's anti-semitic. And that's what Soros did as a teen, proudly, according to his own testimony recorded on video and broadcast on national TV. Video which he works hard every year to have all copies removed.

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Hold on just a second

*sssssssssssssiiiiiiiipppppppps Monster Zero*

I thought Soros was an evil Nahtzee. Nice try, demonrat libtards!

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Trump disinviting on of his biggest supporters.
how does this fit in with his glorious plan?

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What I love is that once again,it proves you can't criticize jews ever. In this comic,Garrison specifically calls out Soros and the Rothschilds. Individuals. He doesn't mention they're jewish. He doesn't make the piece in any way about jews as a group. He criticizes Soros and the Rothschild family. And here comes the ADL defending them SPECIFICALLY BECAUSE THEY'RE JEWISH!!! They declare it's anti-semetic to criticize these people. Meaning no matter how obviously they do horrible shit,they're untouchable because they're part of the protected class.

And THAT,my friends,proves jews protect their own at the expense of all others. And how much power they have in this country.

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