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Lol. First Iran attacks an oil tanker last month... okay, so it turns out it wasn't Iran. So then two oil tankers are attacked, and it was torpedoes... no wait, it was a drone... no wait, it was a mine. Omg guys, Iran is helping those sailors... ermmmm... I mean destroying evidence... yeah. This time we're not lying, though!

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It was space-niggers. They hate us for our freedom.

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Lol space niggers.

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Really feel like everyone that has drones have drones that explode.

It's not exactly high technology to strap some explosives to a drone.

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So do we

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So does Iran.

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Yep! Evidence pointing directly at the DS IMO.

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Except it was Iran last time through the houthis with weapons they gave the houthis.

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That is simply part of the ongoing proxy war in the ME. Apples and oranges.

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Lol Japs aren't having it, hope they tell Trump to fuck off

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Based Nippon. We embargo them mercilessly, firebomb their capital, wipe two entire cities off the map, and they STILL try to prevent us from going to war for Israel.

Unironically our actual greatest ally.

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the US is to Japan what Israel is to the US.

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We don't deserve them.

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They never adopted the Abrahamic Tripod of Trouble, which to some extent insulates them from "Chosen" influence.

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They even try to save us from subversion with with their little konishiwa fucki-fucki-sucki-sucki anime girls

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Trump knows. It's his pesky (((advisors)))

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Wonder why the fuck you were down voted... Although Trump does his fair share of worshipping of the filthy jeuden, most times when it comes to Presidential policy, he is stuck doing what jews want.

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Most cannot comprehend the game. and its why they push the buzzwords about trump and others.

Unless you have had power and been apart of something knowing the consequences of doing or saying the wrong thing. Knowing friends that you have are hostages and other innocents are hostages to.

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The Japs are experts at flying things into boats, they’re very credible

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For real we need to end this military profit machine we got. Fuck there’s so much to undo to our countries/y. It’s Daunting but we can do it together. Kill and breed kill and breed kill and breed.

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Space exploration and mining. Still need ships, bases, explosives, new tech, etc. Basically military tech repurposed for space.

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Going with the old "they blew up muh ship" excuse from WWI and throwing in some "muh oil" for good measure

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It really is amazing once you know like we do. Everything is so obvious. I can't believe they were actually able to get away with so much and the public generally believes them.

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Remember the Maine!

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Based japs be like "NO NO AMERICA YOU TRY TO CONFUSE!"

they arent believing this false flag for a fucking minute

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Israeli drones most likely.

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Israel.would.benefit from a war between Iran and Saudi Arabia.

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Israel benefits from any conflict in the middle east.

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Or we (the US) did this.

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Zero Hedge: Japanese Tanker Owner Denies Ship Hit By Mine:

We imagine the US will continue pushing this line [placing the blame squarely on Iran], unless more substantial evidence supporting Katada's claims emerges.

No, even when Katada presents the remains of the AGM-114 Hellfire, the US will continue pushing this line.

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They still say 9/11 was a terrorist surprise attack, despite the fact scientific and mathematical facts back that as the absolute least was known ahead of time, but almost assuredly had inside shenanigans.

They still say Pearl Harbor was a surprise attack, despite the fact they were actively poking Japan with a stick, Japan threatened to go to war, and there were newspapers days before the attack saying Japan was probably going to attack.

They still pretend Lee Harvey Oswald killed JFK despite the fact documents they released said there was more than one shooter. That's not even looking at all the other evidence saying it was an inside job.

I could go on and on and on and on. It doesn't even matter if the truth comes out later, as long as it let them achieve it's objective in the short-term. Iraq not having WMDs is one of the few things they actually admitted, but by then the war was already started and basically over, so it didn't matter. As long as the majority is dumb enough to believe whatever claim they make in the short-term, it's not a problem.

Want to stop this? The majority needs to start disbelieving everything they say. Which is hard since they pour billions of dollars in to propaganda and shutting down dissenting voices. To end with a white pill, tons of ground has been made since 2010. Prior to that damn near everyone never questioned anything and still had a "Why would the government lie to us?" mindset.

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You are the strongest link.

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Love it!

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And then ww3 started and you could see smoke rising from many banks as the jews rubbed their hands so feverisly they almost started fires

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