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Death is too good for them.

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✝️ ?

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Are you suggesting crucification or calling me out for not being very forgiving? Forgiveness doesn't mean you don't have a debt to society when you commit a grievous crime.

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He lived a whole year suffering with a makeshift vagina. Only recently was he stabbed to death.

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As long as America keeps living the lie that homosexuals are sane and normal, this kind of thing will continue. As long as people keep believing the Jews propaganda, it's not going to stop.

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Yep nothing wrong here. Totally sane capable parents.

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Dirty, fucking, degenerate, freaks. Lets hope they rot in hell!

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What's most sad about this is the justice system not only failed the little boy and his father, but the rest of us. They let those women get away with this for so long, the jewdicial system allowed them to never be caught until they ruined a young, innocent boy's life.

And then it was too late. What a tragedy. Too bad the mainstream media will never talk about this.

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I think adding the P is a good touch and we should keep doing it

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What about the S, bigot!

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Homosexuality is a mental illness.

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