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And then suddenly... for no reason at all... God dropped a damning meteor on Sodom and Gomorrah.

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California is going to drop into the sea one of these days.

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We're haven't devolved into peak degeneracy yet.

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Great to see the black community readily embracing homosexuality so well! Hopefully it spreads to many many more blacks.

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Niggers are not our equals. They’re mentally inferior. Dumb apes. Should not live amongst.

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How could someone watch this and not compare it to drug addled sex craved monkeys?

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The screaming.

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Good God...I didn't have my speakers turned on...

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I’ve come to the conclusion that I no longer care.

I spoke out against it and was doxxed, intimidated, attacked, and ostracized. My so-called “brothers” secretly whispered their sympathies (so long as no one was watching), but did nothing to help me. I lost my job. It got so bad that I ended up moving out of the country.

Fortunately, I wound up someplace better. I haven’t seen a spic in years, nor spoken to a nigger or jew in months. I used to spit on the window of a halal bakery on my route to work every morning until it went out of business. My new home has a country-wide “no fat chicks” rule. Fags are invited to keep it to themselves.

Eat shit, White America. You complain, shake your head, and talk a good game, but you’re doing nothing to prevent your own degradation and demise. Even worse, some of you profited from it. You stab others in the back when they speak up, then whine because no one is coming to save you.

I didn’t do the smartest things, certainly. But at least I risked something. You scum deserve everything you’re gonna get, good and hard. Enjoy your enrichment.

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Where the fuck do you live? Because I’m perfectly willing to move to Poland as well.

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No fat chick rule? Hmm, I think he is in Japan or South Korea...

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Cool story bro!

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It's your America on Jews.

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I literally cringed. The officer did nothing. No tazer in the ass or anything. Any reason for chimpouts they will be there.

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Why wasn't tear gas deployed and mass arrests happening?

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