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The fall of America is a historical event to watch?

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It's not fallen yet, but we are under super weird attack

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America as it was is dead. The best option is to burn the husk to the ground and build something new.

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Homo fag seeking missiles.

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I remember when my father's second wife dragged us all to the Stockholm pride parade when I was 14 with all the BDSM shit and stuff.

Ever since then I've had a deep disgust towards gays and deviants.

I guess I should be thankful?

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Your comment is great!

Your dad’s second wife tried to molest your mind by exposing you to the filth that has been locked in a closet for....., ever.

Stockholm syndrome describes a captive that eventually sympathizes with his captor.

You turned out alright despite the attempted brainwashing.

Also, I like how you used the word ‘disgust’ instead of something more hateful.

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New motto for Austin schools: "We're going to molest your kids, and you are going to pay for it."

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I've read the related Infowars Report, and I am a bit confused. The Church who is using the School Facility as a HQ for Sunday Activity says it is against Homosexuality, and the School District is using their Rental Fees to Fund a Bus Trip to a Pride march? Is this how I read it? (Church rents space from School, School uses Rental Revenue from Church to fund Pro-LGBTQP adjenda?) If true that Church should cancel their Lease immediately and meet elsewhere!

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If that’s true then


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A sex festival is no place for schoolchildren.

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You mean child abuse festival?

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It's abuse to keep them from going, actually. Many children are tormented by their non-conforming gender identities. These events provide much needed pedo cock to help children understand their sexuality and their roles as a bottom bitches.

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If there was ever a time I'd support a muslim suicide bomber, it would be this honking time.

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Funny how they never attack gay pride parades isn't it?

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Considering how much they hate homos, this is quite surprising. Unless, of course, the muslim terrorists are controlled opposition [mossod], then everything makes sense.

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Austin is like a pocket of california.

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We Texans refer to Austin as the Sanfran of the South. :(

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