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Silence those who pose a threat. Unfortunately, we can expect more of this.

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This is such a bad idea from them, if you silence people for long enough you end up with violent justice instead of democratic change.

And this time it won't be kind.

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white people wont be violent until the steady supply of cheap carbs and entertainment is disrupted.

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I’m kinda hoping for that. None of this is going to end because we asked nicely or waited in line to vote on it

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They want that

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The nigger-kikery is strong with Twitter & YouTube.

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Still up on bitchute.

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Link to the video: https://www.bitchute.com/video/ko43yVdowMU/

Essentially, some insider at Pinterest says the bull dyke in charge of censorship added Live Action to a master domain block list (which is intended for only porn domains).

Some QC nigger noticed this and brought it up, saying it doesn't care nor think it should be removed because nigbortions amirite?

PV then tries making posts with various (((sites))) and they all work, but when posting Live Action, it doesn't say it's blocked, it just says something went wrong.

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Mark my words, in about 9 months from now when the election is really heating up. We won't be allowed to speak on the internet, they'll have the providers shut down all sites that aren't globalist controlled. We may even be arrested for our wrong-think online, even in the USA, despite the 1st amendment (not talking about threats or anything illegal).

I won't be voting personally, it's obviously bullshit and I know I'll take some flak for that and that's ok. I really do believe that Trump was just the last try at it. It serves as a bandaid basically and then I'm sure the next person to be POTUS will be one of the worst tyrants we've ever had and will just rip up the constitution and then our children will have shit lives with no freedoms or liberties.

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Oh... wow... you- you're soo right.... I won't be voting either... after all, there are no ways to expose corruption in vote tallying, so what's the point, goyim? Don't even give yourselves the chance to expose corruption, just accept defeat like good little goyim... don't vote like us fellow whites.

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We may even be arrested for our wrong-think online, even in the USA

That would be a huge mistake. For them.

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I don't follow, why would that be a mistake?

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I don't think they'll shut us down, they'll just have us nicely quarantined on sites that don't show up on Google search results, like Voat.

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He's certainly paved the way for them, guns will be banned by executive order.

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Youtube is making itself irrelevant.

Any use of Youtube should be done to point people who still use Youtube to alternatives.

Veritas should release their videos everywhere else first, including Bittorrent, Freenet, I2P, Usenet, and maybe Steemit?... and only then to Youtube, along with a note of where to find it when Youtube takes it down.

When you enemies try to make themselves irrelevant, oblige them.

Decentralize all the things!

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I just use it to fix my cars.

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Keep dropping White pills kikes.

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Let's just stop using (((utube))).

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