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It's the same fucking person. How is this not considered harassment?

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It must sound to those in other countries like we only have one fucking bakery in Colorado...

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I wonder how many bakeries they drove past to persecute this guy.

[–] Planetoftheclown 0 points 1 points (+1|-0) ago 

At least a couple of muslim bakeries.

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Make every custom cake require an in person visit, and a purchase of a $1 muffin or cookie. Then it can't be refusal to sale too.

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Forget artistic expression, this guy should be free to refuse to serve them on any grounds or none at all. It's his time and his shop.

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In the current climate the guy is really being punished because he is exercising his personal principles. Exercise your personal principles, but don't do what this guy did. Tell them you have scheduling conflicts. Bake the cake but put too much salt in it. If it's a delivery, send it to the place next door or drop it on the way there. Apologize profusely. Go about your business.

We have never lived, in 5,000 years or likely longer, during a time that the truth has every set you free. That's bullshit. You can't even be truthful with family in most cases when there is a conflict of self interests.

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If I lived in Colorado I would be buying cakes there for every family member. Support people that take a stand.

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That's the trick. We need to financially support this as well as old and new businesses that truly allow freedom. Until then we are fucked.

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Or better yet internment camps and ovens for all that identify as, or support the terrorists

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omg with the fucking ovens man, we don't need to waste time with these stupid things. Just bulldozer the fuckers into a pit and dump some lye on em

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I’m aight with that too.

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You forgot to add 'BBQ' to that list

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Help! Help! I'm being oppressed!

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