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Thank goodness, maybe we can actually get production back in Japan.

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Taiwan is a pretty good country. I'll settle for Taiwan.

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If it goes to Taiwan it goes to China. Thats why one one does fabrication in Taiwan or China, they only do the assembly if they can.

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I try and get all my used Nikon stuff out of Japan, it's 99.9% Japan manufactured from there. Last lens I got came with a nice thank you and some origami pieces. I was really impressed, mint condition 30 year old lens and that personal touch. Good stuff.

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To where, Bangladesh?

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To Detroit and Compton

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Detroit? A factory would be gentrification! Freaking racist video games.

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Probably to another ASEAN country . . .

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btw Banjo's in Smash

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When I hear smash I think about the stinky people.


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Japan businesses are not currently in friendly territory in China, so it makes sense for them to move. The Japanese haven't fallen for the globalize bullshit anyway; Not that anyone is pressuring too hard because only white countries are being bullied and browbeat so hard into giving up their countries...until the shooting starts anyway.

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Can you imagine the crime that Yamaha instruments are now made in China not Japan? China now owns the schematics to one of the top instrument makers in the world?

They were probably stolen then extorted.

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That's why I refuse to buy any chinese made gear. Tubes are even worse with over a 50% fail rate (this being tubes, they will still work but they are completely out of spec).

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People fail to realize, moving production of any product out of China has other benefits. China will have a much more difficult time with intellectual property theft if that production technology never reaches China.

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Pose it to them as an environmental issue, whether you believe in global warming or not sea freight shipping is one of the biggest contributors to pollution. If they are a bit on the bleeding heart liberal side theres a very good chance you can knowingly say "sure you try to shop and buy local grocery produce, it cuts down on pollution and global warming while minimizing your carbon footprint" (ham it up with buzz words) "so why wouldn't you buy your electronics that are made locally as well and cut down on pollution". You'll find that you can easily convince a lot more people to avoid buying chinesium shit real quick.

It never fails to work convincing people who are paranoid about environmental issues. I managed to get 2 of my friends to look at the country of origin for their fruit and veg and stop buying Israeli produce (thats what all the land grabbing is about, arable land) because they care about local produce and Palestine. It helps most Irish see parallels with English occupation of Ireland and Israeli occupation of Palestine.

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good job

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Why don't they bring production back to the USA?

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I don’t think it’s ever been in the USA

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soy rage intensifies

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