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I could be wrong. Some parts of the world Lesbians and Gay men is considered a mental illness.

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It was considered a mental disorder by the American Psychological Association until 1973.

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It is still a mental illness at the end of the day.

I mean... we live in a world where one of the greatest minds of our age got stripped of all of his honors and awards for speaking the truth about race (James Watson).

Think of that... He spoke about scientific-proven truth that should be considered a fact by now, yet he got in trouble because a bunch of niggers got offended...

Don't expect to find any sort of reason in this clown world. It has long abandoned this place.

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In Rome they call you Pope.

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Many are vile. They always blame society for their actions.

TORTURED him for YEARS and cut off penis prior

The kid Rhuan Maycon who had penis and testicles cut off by lesbians FACE :


Murdered May 31st 2019. Chopped up, burned, after being tortured for over 4 years by lesbians that cut off his penis and testicles a year before trying to starve him to death.

Rosana Auri da Silva Candido, 27, and her companion, Kacyla Priscyla Santiago Damasceno, 28, mother of the girl who told police about the penis cut off.

Kacyla fled with her daughter from Rio Branco, in Acre, in 2014.

Rosana and Kacyla murdered Rhuan May 31st 2019. The boy was asleep when he received several knife strokes. Then he had his face disfigured, was beheaded and quartered. The women even tried to burn his flesh on a barbecue so he could discard it in a toilet. However, they stopped because of the large amount of smoke.

They distributed the boy's body parts in a suitcase and two school backpacks. Rosana threw one of the items into a Fern culvert, but was seen by people on the street. Curious, they opened the object and found the body. The Civil Police was summoned and arrested the couple in the residence.



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More proof that LGBTQ is a mental illness.

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DEFINATELY a hate CRIME. Lesbians are USUALLY man hating (usually because they are UNATTRACTIVE to them) insane people. BELIEVE me you DO NOT want to associate with them. Therefore DO NOT hire them! PERIOD, if you VALUE your male employees. It's actually pretty easy, do NOT associate with evil. This INCLUDES abominations. They can build their OWN little society. They have NO right of association (just like niggers and other "feminists"). They are SNAKES in the grass.

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Yeah, they are just like everyone else……………..said never by anyone with an ounce of fucking sense.

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Apparently they believe the child identified as "transabled"

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There is a day coming, when all of these mentally ill fuckwads are given their last rites at the end of a noose. If the government doesn't kill them, the citizens will. May these two cunts burn in hell.

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How many times we have to see the same news?

I've posted a week ago and since that, there was already 2 other posts. One yesterday and it's still uin news Frontpage.

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Dude, I haven't seen it on voat. Found it on a completely different website, that's why I uploaded the link.

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I haven't seen it either.

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