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They're not even pretending anymore. At this point I don't get why anyone would trust the electoral system in a country run by globalists. Same story over here: The last census revealed that there are hundreds of thousands more people on the electoral register than there are eligable voters. No investigation was made, no reforms, not attempt whatsoever to even find out if it's true.

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Same in France. People voted for Le Pen and not Macron. Rigged votes everywhere. The jew is beating us with burocracy. Such a faggot way to go.

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After Brexit lost by like 600 votes or something insanely small, I started wondering.

Just make the votes logged electronically. Have it also print a paper slip. Be able to go online afterwards and have people check up on their own votes. Have it anonymized -- you're just a number -- so that other people can't look up who you voted for unless you share that number with them. However, make it so that people/organizations can check and double check every vote. Require a strong form of ID for votes.

The reason votes are not public is to prevent vote buying and voter intimidation. However, in this day and age, vote fraud feels much more prevalent than vote buying, and when voting is not auditable by the general public, and level of fuckery can go on. Votes don't matter anymore, just the the people who count the votes do. Deal with vote buying separately (ie harsh penalties for sellers/buyers).

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I doubt you'll hear anything about this again.

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Postal-voting/Voting-by-mail is the worst violation in election integrity we have right now. "Diebold Machine" rigging is the distant second. The insanity of this is apparent.

You end up with political parties doing vote harvesting where party members walk the neighborhoods collecting ballots from voters. Thus ends the secret ballot.

You end up with Party members filling in ballots. Thus ends the one person/one vote concept.

You end up with Muslim men filling out the ballots for their wives and children thus disenfranchising women.

If we can do one reform it should be the imposition of voting ONLY at a public voting booth with a paper ballot and with guaranteed privacy.

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This wont get sorted by voting.

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And I have such faith in the police to investigate this.......... Fuck useless zogbot pigs. Traitors, every single one. You wonder at what point the government gets too totalitarian and some cops start to flip, refusing to work on a corrupt government's behalf, instead supporting the people? The answer is never. Every single cop on earth is a fucking zogged, greedy, self-interested traitor. If you're a cop reading this, thanks for nothing you fucking filth. I hope you get shot by a nigger.

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Careful records are kept of the number of voting slips issued. The presiding electoral officer publishes the number of votes counted. A difference of 1 or 2 could happen by accident but a 1000+ missing slips will show up.

Burnt paper may not be readable but forensics can probably show that a pile of ash was paper.