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I sure hope he does it.

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You'd think he would be smart enough to know that if you threaten to release info, they are just going to kill you before you can do it and ddos half the internet so that your deadman's switch won't propagate. They are going to try to kill you anyway, just release, and maybe they will be less likely too because it would be so obvious and they would have so many eyes on them.

He's probably smarter than me though, so hopefully he's thought it out at least.

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He was DDOS'ed just a couple hours ago according to his twitter (which is full of bitcoin scammers pretending to be him).

McAfeeMagic.com got hit with a cloaked version of hoic. It was a DOS attack. My enemies must be losing sleep in their attempts to annoy me. However, I will track them down. I never fail:)

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Its not a complicated idea. Just understand the ddos will happen. What's the longest it can stay going? No ddos can go forever. Time the release to be after that.

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I have thought about that. I’m also in the “Just release it” category. No talk, just act

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You might do that before youre disappeared.

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He won't do shit

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He already released info on a few CIA members. I can't remember what it was all about. I think it was about them working with the cartel that was trying to kidnap him. His words not mine.

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I feel like McAfee is becoming the boy who cried wolf at this point.

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Someone, anyone, make him disappear just long enough to get the data.

He should release it regardless.

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Reminds me of Assange's threats. And Assange was probably more knowledgeable on the matter than him. His deadman's switch was blocked. We shall see!

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Breitbart went the same way.

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Stupid. If you got something you better play it before you disappear.

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