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Sure am glad everyone sits home and ignores their second ammendment and such. it is a good thing they keep waiting for distant figures to solve this whole immigration problem! Glad none of you are the type of nazis who defend their homes and such! Honk HonK!

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If you want to go down to border and end up getting thrown in a cell for the rest of your life to be Tyrone's cock sleeve, be my guest.

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The forefathers of America, the 33% of colonial America that SUPPORTED armed rebellion with England gave EVERYTHING for freedom, their land, their freedoms, and often... their lives.

The founding fathers knew the odds and the hardships, but they were not candy ass avocado toast munching soy boys.

The founding fathers of America were very literate men of action.

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You don't actually need half the country behind you before revolution becomes feasible, and if you're waiting for that then you'll be waiting forever since it will never come. Something like 90% of the population are lemmings who (as much as they might talk a big game) will never actually do anything to threaten the luxuries & stability offered by the current system - which is why so much of the values and rights the west was built on have been passively allowed to be eroded.

But you don't actually need that 90% because they'll submit and go along with whatever the other 10% does if it seems dominant. Today, if you get as much as 1% of the population armed and willing to fight that translates as hundreds of thousands to millions of people, more than enough to match and likely vastly outnumber the forces of the police and army. More than enough to start making some serious changes. The degeneracy of the western world today exists with the explicit permission of everyone living in it and ends when we say so. That's why disarmament of the people is such a priority for western governments.

"but muh tanks" "muh fighter jets". Rifles vs tanks and fighter jets is a meme pushed by talking heads having their strings pulled to demoralise and further the disarmament agenda. Tanks can't raid someone's house at night and Jets can't man a cordon, they're useless for the business of suppressing a people, in a civil war in particular it's all decided by infantry and manpower - for the government to actually employ these things and similar would mean using them to destroy the very infrastructure that's propping them up in the first place and would mean an effective victory for the rebels in granting an irrefutable cassus belli. The supposedly insurmountable technological advantage is also vastly exaggerated in effectivenes - Afgan farmers have been humiliating western armies for the past 15 years. 10 years before that the Irish fought and won a war of secession against a similarly "vastly superior" force. Before that again you had the vietnamese.

But even all of that assumes that the victory condition is complete overthrow or secession, which is isn't. The victory condition is as simple as making the costs of the government pulling shit seem higher than the benefits, at which point they'll pull out. As much as the gov will love fighting individuals it will not risk a civil war or some major battle. If enough people had appeared at the private wall armed the feds would have pulled out because they don't like bullets flying at them any more than you do. If you wanna make a change in society you need to be willing to travel and stand up for it not just for yourself but for your neighbours too - fight for their rights rather than yours. Not just your neighbour either, but the guys in the next town over, and the town beyond that. If you're only fighting from your doorstep you've already lost.

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Do you have any limit or red line that should never be crossed by the state lest you actually go innawoods and begin partaking in the boogaloo?

If you have a red line, define it and stick to it, because it will be crossed within the next five years.

If you have no red line or don't intend to stick to it, relinquish the 2A, give up your guns and take up religion or join the Antifa horde, because that's where you'll end up.

In the end, there are three sides: the enemy (invaders, oppressors, collaborateurs), the patriots and the victims. Choose yours.

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Post your home address so we can kill you for being a traitor.

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As you're literally doing what you said...

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The 2A is a larp. They didnt lift a finger when they forced desegregation, they will never lift a finger.

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GTFO faggot glowinthedarks

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The 2A is a larp.

What is the Battle of Athens.

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Infact they started sucking nigger cock(white nigger traitor women)

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C'mon, Patriot! You just gotta...Trust. The. PL...I can't. Sorry I just can't finish that with a straight face. Trump's gonna swoop in any minute now and Q team some Deep State Ass!! Hahahahaha

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There has to be someone, right?

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Commissioner Jayne Harkins of the USA's International Boundary and Water Commission, taking orders from some powerful people that controlled her.

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So jews. Just say jews.

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Fire her.

She deliberately defied the commander in chief and played stupid.

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While I understand corruption isn't always about money - it could be death threats to her or loved ones, she is now tainted and needs to be removed and investigated.

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A Trump appointee. She literally takes orders from Trump.

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https://www.invidio.us/watch?v=GHNplP9bNeg :

Brian Kolfage Invasion underway, about 1000 illegal aliens crossed yesterday right here on our video - YouTube

https://www.invidio.us/watch?v=YPvwBjfNO7M :

Jim Benvie now we have the deep state come out here and lock the gate open, yes that is right OPEN! - YouTube

https://www.invidio.us/watch?v=21uFDRsoVzM :

Jim Benvie WE WON PATRIOTS, see we patriots blew up our leaders phones and got the gate closed - YouTube

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Feds work for the human/drug trafficking cartels?

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Just who did you think was deep state? Many politicians are also in bed with the human/drug trafficking cartels.

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Basically, yes.

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whoever gave the order to open fence should be fired and prosecuted

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Everywhere in the ghetto of South Sac Iraq, you'd be surprised if a new home owner with the right brains DIDN'T put a border around their house. WHY THE FUCK IS THIS ANY DIFFERENT?!

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Those piece of shit "agents" all need to be rounded up and thrown in prison.

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