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I hope we don't hear from @Aged anymore.

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95% of the ones in some midwest states will go free because the police did not use a real child, only a adult actor pretending to be 14. It was in yesterday's news. The ones that crossed state lines might get in trouble possibly. They try to do the stings along state lines, but they refuse to put a real child actor in the motel room the stings are done in. new twist... they used tor dark web for the stings across midwest stagtes this time, but most will not get judged guilty of any crime because of countless factors, but the main one being no actual children.

its like all those "Dateline" busts... no guys out of over 20 shows did time for the crime they portrayed on tv.

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Wow. Those guys didn't actually get arrested? I thought the police were involved now in that show?

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They may have gotten all arrested, I said :

"no guys out of over 20 shows did time for the crime they portrayed on tv"

either not charged, or not convicted of the depicted original implied "crimes", sometimes the cases are tossed as too amaturish :


Sometimes the county sheriff had no jurisdiction, as in that specific article : " in 16 of the cases, he had no jurisdiction, since neither the suspects nor the decoys were in the county during the online chats.", but the bigger issue is that NO CHILD EXISTED, or no state line was crossed..

A Rabbi crossed state lines from Maryland to Herndon, Virginia, and got 6 1/2 years in prison for INTENT (a fed law meant for cambodian sex tourism vacations), out of a looming 63 to 78 months in prison. He got the low end and can do the remaining 10 years in supervised release after the 6.6 years. The rabbi crossed state lines :


EDIT : was a reply to a different thread until fixed.

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Crickets on the MSM about this.

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I’d like to see Obama’s record for pedo busts.

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Now chemically castrate them with a few grams infusion of lead.

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About 5,998,300 to go.