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This explains a lot. Like why Francis seems intent on destroying one of the only traditions that was preventing white genocide.

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He's a fucking communist and a South American. Of course he's happy about Western European genocide. The pedophile pervert angle is almost irrelevant at that point. You can't be both a communist and a man of conscience.

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(((Gay mafia)))

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In 1531, Martin Luther claimed that Pope Leo X had vetoed a measure that cardinals should restrict the number of boys they kept for their pleasure, "otherwise it would have been spread throughout the world how openly and shamelessly the Pope and the cardinals in Rome practice sodomy"

how much longer will they get away with it?

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Martin Luther had an excrement throwing contest with the devil.

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This is the start of the third schism. The catholic church will split

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into what? '

antichrist + antichrist?

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Traditional/ commie trash.

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Masonic vs Masonic with more overt Satanism.

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Priests that will bend over to pick up candles and priests that will let her burn.

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They just need to fight each other.

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Divide and conquer

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Something hinky happened. The previous pope was forced to retire. How often does that occur in Vatican history? I think it was once. Then this present communist pope was elected. The fix must have been in. It was a coup.

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I'll admit thought it felt 'fucky' when it happened.

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2nd coup.

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https://archive.ph/Q2B8H :

2019-06-10 | Archbishop Viganò called on Pope Francis to resign. Now he's in an undisclosed location. - The Washington Post

'Viganò said he told Francis that McCarrick had “corrupted generations of seminarians and priests.”“How could anybody, especially a pope, forget this?” Viganò wrote to The Post. '

'Even before his public criticism of Francis, Viganò was a figure of controversy. '

'Viganò wrote last year that both Benedict XVI and Francis had known about McCarrick’s misconduct. '

'Viganò corresponded by email with The Washington Post over two months, writing 8,000 words in response to nearly 40 questions. '

'The retired Vatican ambassador to Washington wrote a bombshell letter last summer calling on Pope Francis to resign on the grounds that he had tolerated a known sexual abuser. '

This has been an automated message.

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I remember a time when you wouldn't fuck with the knights of Columbus. They would fuck your shit up in a very old school way.

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Follow the obelisks. Symbolism will be their downfall.

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Oh snap, E Michael Jones is not gonna like that!

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that's the one thing that is wack about e michael jones... why the hell is he so catholic obsessed?

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The problem isn't just that he is 'obsessed', but he is unable of seeing things through any other lens.

For example, South Africa, where there has NEVER been Catholicism, colonized by Dutch and English (Protestant and Anglican), he thinks its problems today are colonialism and lack of Catholicism! When the answer is... Biological and Communism.

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Because he's Catholic.

He's also obsessed with Ireland and Germany.

Because he's half Irish and half German.

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