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Fully Automated Luxury Gay Space Communism is just more Jewish bullshit. It ought to be obvious that if capitalist media outlets are promoting it, it is just more red-painted liberalism.

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I'd imagine the gulags to be fully automated too. That's always left out.

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Gene editing.

They will just edit those racist genes out of you or disable parts of your brain with strong magnets.

You can then continue to work for the greater good and our greatest ally. It will be dystopia utopia.

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Sure it COULD happen, if people like Jews didn't exist to take advantage of each other and profit off each other, and everyone agreed to not pursue any sort of resource advantage over another. Like you said though, the hope of Communism is just a distraction to fill the minds of easily manipulated, low IQ individuals to place a roadblock in front of right-wing people. All forms of Communism have always been a tool to subjugate people and more easily profit off of them, while making them think no one is controlling them!

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yep, that exactly what it is. Same with religions like jehovah's witness where the headquarters is in new york. Using poor people to harass anyone who has a chance to get out/stay in the middle class or interfere with their strangle hold on the media.

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"Why is it that every thing wrong in this world is brought on by the Jewish people? Did some pseudo, or FAUX Jew diddle your tush when you were a kid?

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That was the same con game they ran in the 1980's to get all the jobs sent off to communist slave labor China.

Everything was going to be done by brain power. No one would really work and luxuries would fill everyone's life. Every child would be a created "gifted" child. When they started that bullshit, one paycheck could feed a large family and nobody had to spend more than a day or two getting a job.

They aren't accidentally mistaken. They're swindlers and con artists and always have been.

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Jean-Luc and his 40-acre vinyard. Fucking space commies. Pic related.

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Socks with sandals? In a vineyard!?

Fuck man, come on Jean-Luc you aren't representing frenchmen very well.

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Jean-Luc Melenchon?

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I find it strange that any semblance of Nazism or even just a hint of of race realism gets you banned and accused of every name in the book. Yet they’re allowed to perpetually hold communism, the ideology responsible for more unnatural death in the 20th century than anything expect mosquitoes, up like it’s a light of hope.

Speaking positively of Communism is not just advocating for the murder of innocent people, it’s green flagging wholesale destruction and annihilation of entire civilizations.

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120 million deaths, if not more. Not a big deal though, because it was leftists. The left hand is the hand of deception.

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Many times, the left hand pretends to be the right hand...


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"who would have thought equality would be so cheap?"

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It's high time we amputate the left hand.

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Jewish originated leftists.

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Nazi were socialist you know.

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Every time.

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If this was a novel, this is where the reader would tap out because the bad guy's machinations have become too ridiculously one-note.

"We get it, it's a race of shapeshifting Machiavellian reptile men! Holy shit, change it up a little!!"
It really is time for the great "Editor" in the sky to step in and fix this tedious fucking story already.

There are other stories and adventures for us to have and yet we're stuck here in this shitty piece of garbage.
I don't want to finally get to pick up an amazing space adventure only to find that it has the same fucking bad guy in it again.
No, he isn't a "great foil". No, he's not a fan favorite. Stop bringing him back! It's been 109 times now!!

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I don't want to finally get to pick up an amazing space adventure only to find that it has the same fucking bad guy in it again.

I heard there was a pretty good plot twist in the last chapter where India took a shit in the street called "low earth orbit avenue" and almost fucked it up for everyone

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It must work! After all, they saw it working in Star-Trek TNG. All they have to do is to declare "Make It So", Picard style, and they will usher in the new age. Fucking millennial retards.

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I always wondered what kind of government earth actually had in Star Trek. It's always not be talked about.

I used to watch it but it did leave me wondering was Star Fleet a military junta over Earth.

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Maybe Star-Fleet was just a mainline government space agency like NASA, basically a Keynesian economy like ours today, as opposed to fully-fledge socialism of some form.

Basically soft socialism, like the difference between drinking a slow-acting poison vs taking a bullet to the back of the head.

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They still had privately owned businesses I am pretty sure so probably a socialist government.

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Step 1: repeal the law of supply and demand. Step 2: repeal the laws of physics that preclude infinite exponential growth.
Step 3: give everyone equal shares of everything, whether they want it or not.
Step 4: enjoy utopia!

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Who's going to maintain the automated machinery?

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The goyim slaves, obviously.

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Who maintains the automated gulags?

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You! Silly goy

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Who's going to raise the capital for it?

Oh wait, shit costs money ? No way

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We could provide for the needs of everyone, in style.

Who's "we", you useless fag journalist?

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Yeah, it worked so well for Russia and Venezuela.

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That was communism. This is the new and improved luxury communism. Same thing but with style, apparently.

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When it fails (as it always does), rebrand it.

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"They haven't tried REAL socialism!"

"That's not socialism enough!"

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But will it be "real luxury communism"? Not if it fails!

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