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The wood chipper scene from the movie comes to mind.

If this were Seattle, he could get sued for this:

Jones called 911 and ran back to the victim until Fargo police arrived.

“I couldn’t believe it,” Jones said. “I could not believe it because I’m from Alabama and down there crime runs rampant and I moved up here to get away from it and not in a million years did I see something like that up here.”

By "it", he means niggers.

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Crime runs "rampant" in Alabama. Translation: lots of blacks in Alabama.

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Avoid cities and ghettos and you're good. My county is one of the safest in the US

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Someone should wait until they take them out of jail/lockup to go over to the courthouse, then in the short moments while they are out on the pavement and open in the clear, walk up with a saw'd-off and blast the two Coons curly-top'd head's right off their shoulders... Justice Done 1-2-3!

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Wish his grandfather a successful hunt.


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All niggers are dangerous. Bigger towns attract niggers. Walking your dog at night is dangerous. Carry a gun.

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Use the gun to solve the problem.

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Taxpayer relief shot.

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Hopefully they get death.

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Dey gud boyz. Dey dindu nuffins. It raysis to put dey pikchas up.

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That’s ok, they needed to eat, been oppressed by whitey for so long, just foraging for food /s

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That 1% probably commits 90% of the crime.

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The winter just makes it easier to spot them.

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Even 1% is to much niggerdom.

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Many years ago I lived in Fargo. There were no niggers except for the ones recruited for the sportsfag teams of the local universities. Now you find an increasing number of niggers all over North Dakota (even in small communities). Fargo even has a "thriving Somalian community."

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They're all "refugees" that were brought in more recently.

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No; some are urban niggers from shitholes like Chicago and MSP.

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Arm yourselves. Get your CCW permits, carry a good quality knife as backup.

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The knife is a weapon, a distraction, and a plant.

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North Dakota is a "Constitutional Carry" state—no CCW needed; though, for some stupid fucking reason, you do need a permit if you want to open carry.

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