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Null and void "law," unconstitutional.

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Gun laws are unconstitutional. Drug laws are unconstitutional. Excise tax is unconstitutional. Income tax is unconstitutional.

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& NSA data collection

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So do like the Amish did and fight for your tax free status.

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This is blatantly false propaganda. The only part of this which is explicitly unconstitutional are gun laws. Federal drug laws are covered under the commerce clause. Excise tax is covered in the original document:

lay and collect taxes, duties, imposts and excises, to pay the debts and provide for the common defense and general welfare of the United States

Income taxes were unconstitutional (per Pollock v. Farmers) before the passing of the Sixteenth Amendment (1913), which made it specifically legal:

The Congress shall have power to lay and collect taxes on incomes, from whatever source derived, without apportionment among the several States, and without regard to any census or enumeration.

Income taxes are just a shitty way to do it (it should be a flat consumption-based tax, and taxes on corporate expenditures instead of earnings numbers which can be fudged by accountants). But it was passed and ratified over 100 years ago.

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Sorry bucko the Constitution is just a piece of paper, if you aren't willing to fight and die for it then they can do and make whatever laws they want

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It's more than a piece of paper, it's an idea. Whether it lives or dies depends on us.

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That's the best part about these anti-semitism laws.

Even the most nigger of lawyers can argue it's unconstitutional.

Watching the jews try and argue otherwise and losing horribly will be so satisfying.

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but but ALL lawyers are heebs.

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In other words only people with access to the media will be able to defend themselves. The rest will get hosed and never heard from again.

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It's not unconstitutional to say that money changers run cultural centers. I remember a guy who made whips and threw over tables for that.

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To prove to everyone the Jews don't control everything... It's now illigal to suggest they control everything...

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Just like in Germael don't worship the kike master? Your an Anti Semite nazi alt right bigot! Of to Muslim filled jails you go!

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Is it illegal to say JEWS CONTROL FLORIDA?

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Stop knowing, goyim!

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Florida government is sucking israel dick, literally. They were busted having a secret meeting last week which was unconstitutional. I believe I posted it.

Been noticing their growingly weird deepstatish laws lately? I have.

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Care to share all of the laws passed that support your point? I am only aware of the ban of antisemitism in schools.

Obviously DeSantis is on Israel payroll. His top 2 biggest lifetime career contributors for donations are both obvious Israel front lobby groups, Club of Growth & Senate Conservatives Fund.

Together they make up around $350,000 of his lifetime earnings, with the #3 lifetime contributor (possibly also Israel) being just under $60,000. I tracked it down tonight, but stopped after #2 because the shill was shown by the gleam of his shekels.

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Yeah and I have been noticing retarded Amerimutts in the street who don't know anything, and just keep eating at (((McDonald's and Chik-fil-a)))

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I'm going to stand on this side of the state line and scream stuff about jews into Florida

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I'm in Florida right now.

Jews control Hollywood.

Come at me, bitches, I have loaded AKs. They go through police vests.

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Pass the tanning butter.

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Dispatching CIA niggers with plate carriers now.

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RIP to your dog. 😅

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I'll rescue you on a boat if need be. Have your peeps call muh peeps

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So what happens if you just say "Gentiles don't control Hollywood" and make the listener fill in the blanks.

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We had to choose between this faggot and a nigger. Elections are just choosing a different versions of the same bullshit.

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The decision of "praise Israel and remove your 1st ammendment" or "1 million nigger importation and reppeal 2nd ammendment". The United States isn't going to stay so "united" in the next elections.

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