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The Democrats once again prove that they are depraved Traitors, with no sense of honor or decency.

Actual Democrat motto : "By Any Means Necessary"

Democrats are nothing more than corrupt Marxist thugs at this point in history.

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...corrupt Marxist thugs at this point in history.

Same as it ever was...

Same as it ever was.

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Which is how groups win in politics... being right doesn't take you to the finish line.

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This is how groups working against sthe interest of the people work when they control media, courts, and communication.

[–] tonberry2 ago 

If by the "finish line" you mean the collapse of the government or war?

It's easy to get caught up in consolidating your wealth and power, but communism never ends well for anyone who tries it whether they are rich and powerful (at least temporarily...) or poor.

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Now watch as not a fucking thing happens to these "OMG BOMBSHELL ALLEGATIONS"

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Because investigations continue. Notice that the sentencing of Flynn keeps getting pushed out? Why? What's the holdup? If Flynn gets sentenced and nothing has happened, then you can worry a bit.

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^ Don’t listen to this guy.

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^ what he said

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You expect the MSM to cover this? This is going to be the start of a war between alternate media and the MSM.

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The use of "cut and paste" is so simple and easy; but in the world of the Wicked it is so complex and evil that the minds of the weak will never even take note of it.

I wonder how many hours it took the legal team of Mueller to generate such Wickedness? Highly paid by the US Taxpayers and was a special delivery at 11am last week broadcasted on the MSM.

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The democrats lied? I'm shocked.

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Mueller a partisan hack is all he is.

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Mueller covered up 9/11 when Bush was in power. Now covering up for Clinton. He's a deep state hack, not a partisan one.

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Mueller works for the owners of the country, not a political party.

Ever see the Good Shepherd? Matt Damon’s character says it best when talking to Joe Pesci. “We have the United States of America. The rest of you are just visiting.” Mueller is Kerry is Bush is Skull and Bones, secret societies, ruling elite. They protect each other.

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The dems will just spin this as "See? We told you not to trust the report!" (once it came out with an answer they didn't like) "Now we need to redo the whole thing!"

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OK well don't fucking tell us about it, just arrest him then.

[–] Leonidas4Q ago 

This is HUGE!!!!

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