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-Teen shoots up house with paintball, wants to jump guy's son with 14 other thugs

-"We don't know why this happened he was a gud boi

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i thought this was shitposting but in the article

After hitting the home with paintballs, the boy's father opened fire. A week later, Solis' family doesn't know why it happened.

oh god...

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Maritzel Figueroa

Taco niggers aren't known for being brilliant

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"we want justice for bryan"

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We want Bryan in hell.

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Well, congrats. justice was delivered expediently.

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A week later, Solis' family doesn't know why it happened.

Try this, your fucktard son and mob of dipshits poked the the bear until it woke up.

And the press wonders why it's called fake news?

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I love the "Stand Your Ground" law in texas that Democrat liberals despise. Lawful White Men with legal weapons KILL criminals in the act and suffer no LAWSUITS, and suffer no JAIL TIME even if :

  • The suspect ever is shot in back as well (immune in law)
  • The suspect ever is shot fleeing to street (might be getting a weapon ready)
  • The suspect ever was never on your property, but broke into NEIGHBORS property or raped or assaulted NEIGHBOR
  • The suspect ever was a return felon with proven past history against home owner
  • The suspect has no visible handgun nor knife while committing violence or trying to break in against homeowners family
  • The suspect is later proven to NOT KNOW ENGLISH and was erroneously banging on door (happened once decades ago)

I LOVE TEXAS!!! You merely have to utter "I fear for my life" before shooting the criminals all in their fleeing backs or in their faces.

And happily I think 11 states or more now enacted almost the same "Stand Your Ground" or "Castle Doctrine" laws, but if the victims are BLACK repeat felons, and the owner is elderly WHITE , then in Michigan and Florida they ignore the Law and send the WHITE MEN to prison for life.

At least white young women can still use "Stand Your Ground" laws in some of the 11 states presumably, and hispanics and asians. One hispanic used his AR-15 to kill 4 out of 5 armed intruders!


All 50 states should have this laws. And also allow WHITE MEN to use it too.

Some whites merely call 911, and in the phone at some point utter "I am afraid for my life" before dropping the phone and going nigger hunting. That is the 3D chess move if you are older White Man.

The magic open season hunting phrase is...

"I am afraid for my life!"

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The spic invasion will fuck Texas, sadly.

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build the wall

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It's already doing that.

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"He's coming right at me", South Park.

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Also in regards to fleeing, they are already showing a willingness to commit grave harm to you. It's your duty in a just society to shoot the animal down before your community suffers further

[–] RustyEquipment ago 

if you dont say the phrase, can you just kill all the witnesses and then claim you did say it?

[–] wig [S] ago 

A local cop will tell you to do exactly that. (Two have in my lifetime, one mentioned to never ever ever kill or defend yourself with a knife, as its an "intimate weapon", the other said body placement is key, and that one body needs to be dragged partly or fully into your home if none are in your home, but to NOT leave evidence of dragging, and to NOT claim you shot them inside but as they were coming at the doorway.

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"He always make a prank on us," Oliveth Figueroa recalled. "He always did funny things to us."

haha ikr and he got the funniest and biggest prank of them all in the end: death

After hitting the home with paintballs, the boy's father opened fire. A week later, Solis' family doesn't know why it happened.

who writes these fucking articles? can't even line up verb and nouns right.

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Because attacking someone else's property and being 15 v 1 (we all know what would have happened if the son came out to confront them - he would have been seriously injured or worse) constitutes "a prank", eh?

What sub-human trash.

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Excellent. Bring paintball gun to my home and leave horizontal with .40 lead in your head. And if you wonder if I will then o yes I will. Let the hate begin...

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Paintballs can kill or maim. They can take an eyeball out. Or if they break a window that you are standing by, you could be sliced up with glass. Paintballing is a little dangerous by nature- but normally when doing it as a sport you're wearing protective gear. And you also know that you're playing a game.

Imagine this father's thoughts- "There's at least a dozen shitskins out there wanting to fight my son, get the fuck out of here!" A few moments later, he hears a POP-THUNK! as the paintball is fired and strikes the house. In that moment, is the father going to just assume "this pack of full grown men surrounding my house and screaming for my son to come outside and get beaten up is just playing a joke"?

Or is a reasonable person going to assume "THEY'RE SHOOTING AT ME WITH SOMETHING, I NEED TO STOP THEM."

[–] GimmeTheUsual ago 

I know I'm pouring cold water on the "hey they're attacking lets kill 'em all" sentiment, but the legal shit isn't that easy. Texas doesn't force you to retreat, but you better bet that if you are safely behind a locked door and they aren't breaking the windows or whatever to gain ingress, you are better off calling the fucking cops.

You better believe a hungry prosecutor will paint a lovely picture of you taking potshots from your safe house if you do otherwise. If they are using lethal force, that changes the degree of threat so response can be justified.

You have to know the local laws or you'll end up in pound-me-in-the-ass prison pretty quickly.

I personally think all that shit should be disposed of and open carry be the norm everywhere, but it isn't. You have to work within the framework until things can be changed.

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Let the hate begin...

This ain't Reddit, you're not going to be downvoted into oblivion and banned for having the gall to defend your family and property.

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.40 Short &Weak ? Isn't that the round they introduced because the female FBI agents couldn't handle a .45?

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A 40 definitely goodifies shit skins well enough unless they are wearing armor. Most aren't. I guess if you can't but center mass either.

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It's the one they introduced because missing with 9mm doesn't stop the threat.

For when you have to "do something."

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Everything is right about that except the .40.

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What kind of retarded 19 year old is spending his free time trying to pick fights and shooting paintball guns at someone's house?

I was busy working, drinking, and chasing pussy at 19. No time for anything else.

Bummer a kid had to die but honestly it doesn't sound like he had all that much going on in his life anyways.

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"working, drinking and chasing pussy" And usually in that order.

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So a gang of taco niggers surrounds your house wanting to "fight" your kid, and they start shooting shit at your house. In what clown world do you NOT open fire?

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Probably every state except Texas.

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I like how the article's title makes it sound as though the defendant used a paintball gun to kill his attacker.

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That's true! I (the OP) used a clear and descriptive title, but ABC news it links to is a joke of a news site. ABC News has "minority hires" writing their news articles. Lots of info missing from that ABC news article.

I miss the days of white men writing the news in the USA.

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So many English language news articles are so difficult to understand lately. They're worded strangely- they're worded like the person writing it doesn't have a full grasp on the English language.

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Instead of laughs, his loss is creating tears as they wait for a decision on whether anyone will face charges.


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Instead of laughs, his loss is creating tears

Oh, it's definitely creating laughs.

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See, I laughed just now from the wording of the article. It's their fault.

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