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Well I turned to Jesus because I was a slave to sin and believe that through faith and repentance I will inherit eternal life.

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Truly humanity's only hope.

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better a sinner to the drink than to join the pedophiles.+-

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Disgusting.... I bet you want to make the world a better place too. Extremist Christians and their radicalized normalcy....

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"Radicalized Normalcy" should be meme'd into existance.

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Well I turned to Jesus because I was a slave to sin

We're all slaves to sin. Many people are just too arrogant, or too stupid, to admit it to themselves.

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slave to sin

Please tell me you are being sarcastic and that you aren't that much of a cuck

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My only feedback would be, do good because it's what right and makes you feel good. Not for the promise of a reward.

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because it makes you feel good

not for a promise of a reward

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A lot of people are mistaken on that. Christianity is not about being a good person or doing good things. It's really just about having faith.

For by grace are ye saved through faith; and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God: Not of works, lest any man should boast. Ephesians 2:8‭-‬9 KJV

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Men are sick of chaos and degeneracy and they are starting to turn back to the Order established by God and by the Moral Law he established.

In other words, it's a reaction to the +60 years of deep degeneracy.

PS: The article talks about RooshV I assume.

Here is a relevant one minute video on that subject with him (unmute the sound or open in a new tab): https://files.catbox.moe/c00ezg.mp4

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A return to Christianity is the only chance the West has to survive. I see this quite clearly, and it's depressing that so many others have bought into the Jew lies and can't see it. There's no escaping religion. It doesn't matter what we do, society will be dominated by a religion -- that's just human nature. The question then becomes, which religion will dominate? Will it be Islam, or Christianity? I don't want it to be Islam. Christianity is the Western faith, the white man's faith, created by white men for white men. It is not Judaism, it is a refutation and a rejection of Judaism. Why is this so hard for atheists to grasp?

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Your argument is a good one until you make this statement :

" it's depressing that so many others have bought into the Jew lies and can't see it."

People are smarter than you think and are able to parse the valuable from the hateful. You mix both and believe no one sees through the devious tactics you use.

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True Christianity though. Not the kiked version we have today.

Hitler understood this, and the NSDAP unofficially supported what became known as "Positive Christianity".

It reminded Christians of their identity. Who they were, what they've been blessed with, and that they can and should fight back, as Jesus did in the temple all those years ago.

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So you're just a sheep?

Edit: just downvoats no dialogue.

Empty vessels. Right wing NPCs kek

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I agree with this. Most Christian conversions or returns to Christ will start purely out of pragmatism at first, with the theological justifications coming after. But when you realize material evil is real and not some wishywashy relativist nonsense, then you can begin your journey to understanding who Christ is and why He was sent.

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Most Christian conversions or returns to Christ will start purely out of pragmatism at first

No matter how hard I try I can't get myself to believe in an invisible sky man, but DAMN does this resonate with me.

We need a moral code, abandoning the one that our ancestors had left to us (the church) has just resulted in unrestricted hedonism and I think we can all agree how corrosive that is to society.

I think there's no real return to religion for many of the folks my age - so the challenge is, how do you build up a moral framework and keep it cohesive with traditions and ceremonies without a church?

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Yep. That's what did it for me. I stopped going to church regularly when I went to college. I just went on Christmas and Easter with my parents. Earlier this year, I started attending an Orthodox church. It feels like an act of rebellion, given how suffused with evil our society has become.

So fuck you, left-wing leaning parasites. I choose Christ over you.

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The left has been in control for so long. They actually convinced women that having babies was a bad thing, and convinced men that being manly was a bad thing. We've been drowning in their lies all our lives. Christianity is our lifeline, if we want to grab hold of it. But we have to make it our own. We have to throw out all the foolishness, all the modern liberal trash, and keep the root and stem.

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That which was whispered ear to ear in the closets shall be shouted from the rooftops. Spread the Truth. Godspeed!

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It's about 200 years since degeneracy. The French Revolution was the first huge strike against order.

[–] Hanzo-Hasashi [S] 1 points 18 points (+19|-1) ago 

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This is what i want to know. Ive always wondered if its possible that the things the jews do... are those things in their blood? Often times we see the behavior of a jewish author/journalist that claims he or she only recently discovered their judaic roots... and yet their entire lives they have behaved and spoken like they were the jews they forgot they were with their liberal and communist/socialist bullshit.

So where do they get their marching orders??? What is it they have that makes them more likely to be liberals and commies. And while we think about this, is there something in the blood, in common amongst non-jews who end up turning to liberalism?

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When the Jews called for Christ to ve killed, recall they said "His blood be on us and our children,".

And our children... The next generations of Jews.

They are a cursed and satanic race. Quite literally.

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Jew men tend to not be particularly athletic. Study has shown men that are weak or otherwise unable to defend themselves lean to communism and liberalism at far higher rates than stronger men. Could be a connection.

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That's an interesting question. I've asked myself it too. Although I doubt the Jews we endure now are the Jews of the twelve tribes.


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yep, they're rats

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The Jews are terrified at the thought of a revival of Christian faith among white men. They've done everything in their power to destroy Christianity for the past half-century.

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Remember the last time Christianity was revived? True Christianity?

The Germans started to take chunks of Europe and made the kikes shit themselves.

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[Laughs in atheist conservative]

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[Chuckles in Clerical Fascist]

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[Laughs with you in atheist libertarian]

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We believe in nussing lebowski, nussing!

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[Laughs in Germanic pagan nationalism]

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Wow, you identify with 2 idealogies which stand for nothing? Awesome bro good for you

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Maybe he hasn't gotten the memo that the new thing is to be right wing not conservative.

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((((((((((((((((((every single time)))))))))

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Not all jews!

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The ones not working on our downfall are standing by and watching it without saying a word to their co-tribalists.

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So she is saying being a jew is the same as being an atheist. This actually explains quite a bit.

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No, she is saying that you need to be an atheist so that jews like her can control and rule over you.

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Except christcuckery has been a boon for jew control.

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The Jewish God is themselves. The Torah is very explicit that the only thing that pleases the God of Judaism is destruction of others that benefits the Jew. This is why they hate Christ so much, he presents a total inversion of their ideology.

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Man's Law? Well how did Man's Law work over the past 150 years?

Maybe we just need to make even better laws; or

Jesus Christ saved mankind, without Him there is NOTHING GOOD IN THE WORLD!

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