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I can't speak for the parent, but I would rather people get a basic income from the state (everyone gets a fixed amount of money every month) than having a minimum wage.

It is much better to give everyone enough to help top up their job than discourage people from getting jobs by making them more expensive than they are worth. It is better to give everyone $500 a month and let them take a $5 an hour job than force employers to pay them $15 an hour.


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But where would that money be coming from? Also, one could argue that a "basic income" is already available to low income households, as many qualify for social benefit programs such as food stamps, help with rent, and many others according to this link. It isn't $500 cash straight to their bank accounts, but it still has a monetary value at the end of the day.

All that being said, I do support raising the minimum wage, though not necessarily to $15 very rapidly, but enough to keep up with inflation/cost of living and all that. And I believe that these increases should happen yearly as well.


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Basic income would be supported through taxes. Taxing high wage earners to benefit low wage earners. It is a way to help level the playing field.

A basic income is much easier to manage than all those other programs since everyone gets the same amount. The only fraud is making up new people. It is also in the form of cash as it is better to let people decide what is best for them to spend it on. If they want to but lobster then they can do that.

It is similar to minimum wage in that it is a wealth transfer from the haves to the have nots. It is just more direct without subtle consequences.

The main benefit in my mind over minimum wage is that it allows those with very low skill who can only do limited work to work for a reasonable amount. If their job is only worth $5 an hour to their employer and they would rather earn $5 an hour than nothing then they can. At the moment their only option is volunteering if they want to get out and work.

There are also those who currently earn minimum wage and can't do much better because of reasons. They would have much more job mobility if a large part of their money was through basic income. Their employer treats then like shit? They can leave and look for work elsewhere. Sure it would hurt, but is no longer impossible, and means employers must work harder to keep people. Having that negotiating power is freeing even if you never use it.