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doesn't everyone deserve to make a livable wage working 40 hours a week?

The problem with that is who decides which jobs qualify or why? If I want to watch TV for 40 hours a week who is going to pay me to do it?

Do I deserve a livable wage for doing anything?

If not then why should I be guaranteed one for other types of work that do not deserve minimum wage? Why is it legal for me to watch 40 hours of TV for free but illegal for you to give me any money to do it below 40*minimum wage? What happens between the free and $600? Does it mean that I need to be paid under the table? No income tax?

If I don't deserve a livable wage for doing literally anything then I don't deserve it for doing the job that is worth $5 a week or one worth $10 a week.

Do you pay the kid down the block $600 a week to mow your lawn? Why not? What if you were the only lawn that he mows? Should you be fined and jailed for not paying him enough?