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[–] Acetylsalicylin 2 points 12 points (+14|-2) ago  (edited ago)

You have to come to terms with the idea that there are a lot of people in this country that are not going to be scientists, or accountants, or any other college level career. Yet most of them are more than willing to put in a 40 hour work week and contribute to society.

They should be learning a trade. Plumbers, electricians, welders. Skilled labores who work hard, put in their 40 or more per week, and earn a good living.

Mike Rowe (from Dirty Jobs) is a big advocate of this - there is a major shortage of skilled labor in this country, because (I think) everyone either aims too high getting a useless degree that they can't find a job for, or aims too low and wants to work unskilled jobs like burger flipping while still getting paid skilled labor rates.

Learn to be a roofer, or a carpenter, or any number of jobs where you will be a glorified gopher making next to nothing while also learning the trade to eventually become a skilled laborer.


[–] sailorbrendan 2 points 5 points (+7|-2) ago 

Why do I get the feeling that you're the kind of person who looks down on baristas and doesn't make their own coffee well.


[–] Acetylsalicylin 1 points 7 points (+8|-1) ago  (edited ago)

I dont look down on anyone who is doing a job to earn a living, and the accusation is kind of rude. But the suggestion that your basic Starbucks employee needs training comparable to one of the skilled trades I listed is insulting to the people who work in those professions. Some baristas may be more skilled and require more training, just like there are chefs in upscale restaurants who cook gourmet burgers - theres a difference between the chef and the McDonalds worker.

There is a reason that they can pay minimum wage to people at some jobs - because the time and cost to train their replacement, if they quit, is low. It is cheaper for the company to have a high employee turnover rate than it is to pay them more.

There is also a reason that when your bathtub explodes with excrement and you call a plumber, or your circuit breaker starts spitting sparks and you call an electrician, that you are going to pay them way more than minimum wage.

And if it matters, I make my coffee in one of those Keurig things. Once a week I treat myself to something from a coffee place.


[–] derrick81787 0 points 0 points (+0|-0) ago 

Because you are projecting a negative stereotype on to him for not agreeing with your views on minimum wage. He has never mentioned baristas, nor has he mentioned looking down on anyone. He even seems respectful, IMO. You simply have no reason to believe that he looks down on baristas unless you are just painting a negative caricature of him in your head.


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Glad I read through a bit- figured someone would be pointing this out before I got to it. Add to your list any kind of road construction and the fact that shale oil companies are hiring anyone with a pulse and clean urine. At least, last I checked.