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If you're making minimum wage and you have kids you should be reexamining your life's decisions while you're getting a degree to better your children's future instead of looking for the government to step in and save you. I have seen way too many kids have a poor childhood because their parents made minimum wage and refused to get a better education to support their family.

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They'd benefit from it but my uncle would probably feel the crunch if it was as high as $15/hr.

Now think about the other businesses that are already feeling the crunch. Barely in the black. They might have to cut hours, or people in order to keep the doors open.

This bill isn't even a ban-aid.


[–] PraiseIPU 1 points 3 points (+4|-1) ago 

can't get a degree gotta pay for my kids.

By all means go to college take an enormous amount of debt and be worse off than you were.


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I would sort of agree with this if we had free college. That's what we need most of all.


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Community college is free (or soon to be free).


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You have a child and work minimum wadge, please tell me how are you supposed to further your education without money and without neglecting your child? Sure, don't make children in the first place, I agree, but many people would rather go through that than aborting and accidents do happen.


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Free college and parents. In very rare circumstances would someone be in a position where they don't have someone to help support them with raising a child fresh out of high school.