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The best way to fix that is get a degree while you are still living with your parents. It is what my dad did, my granddad, my mom, my grandma, pretty much everyone does that. If you don't you should not be surprised you aren't making a livable wage. There is no way in hell a high school student living with his mom and dad should be making enough to afford an apartment, a car, and money to run around on. The only thing a high school student should be making money for is hanging out with friends and buying condoms.


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You keep using the "high school student" argument, but we're not talking about high school students, we're talking about making the minimum wage a liveable wage for everyone.

Some people have to quit school early to take care of their family members because parents or grandparents are sick.
Also a lot of dual income families can't even afford to put a single kid through college to get an education, how the fuck do you think someone can get a degree while they're making 7.25? One can't even support themselves on minimum wage.

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whereas you didnt need a degree because you are gunna be taken care of by your department....that sweet public employees pension with all the perks of fleecing the system for all its worth that comes with your special law enforcement status.

this is the most pathetic argument on earth. do you know what it would cost to educate everyone who doesnt have a degree? trillions of dolars that we dont have. that the economomy cannot produce to educate all those people...and it wouldnt even make any sense......there would be no high paying jobs for all those people, they would be stuck back in the same job market with tens of thousands of dollars in student loans. thats already incredibly prevalent.

our economy has been experiencing almost 0 inflation for years....this is very harmful to economic growth and means that the velocity of money is slow or the real monetary base is shrinking. in this case the former....the biggest drags on the velocity of money have been very low levels of lending, low spending, and especially low wages and low wage growth. wages are notoriously sticky and with the mixed economy the stagnating regulatory environment and the erupting gulf in income inequality they have gained almost no ground since 2009. job growth and the employment rate have improved remarkably, but wages are still down.

this hurts the american public and the underlying strength of the american a core manner. we are leaving entire segments of our population behind in generational and geographic poverty, and at the mercy of pigs like you


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What about those immigrants who come to this country to offer their children a better lifestyle? They should have enough income working ANY 40 hour a week job to supply housing, food, health insurance, education, and some amenities to life. Second example, instead of an immigrant rather an adult who can work, but is otherwise mentally handicapped and is unable to progress through higher education. Or the mother who had a child too young. Or the young kid working whose mother has cancer. The list goes on. Everyone deserves the right of decent pay.