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If people aren't making enough money to live from their jobs, then they're going on benefits. Do you prefer paying for these people (and thus subsidizing the businesses they work for) through your tax dollars?


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Freaking exactly. Wal-Mart pays people shit wages and actually costs states billions of dollars because all of their employees are on benefits.

These reagonomics bastards commenting here don't even realize that they could save their tax dollars if they forced businesses to pay a livable wage. Talk about irony.


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Not to mention they would go out and spend those bigger checks boosting the economy. It would lead to more inflation but the economic gains would be greater than the inflation making the economy better for everyone. People who think raising the minimum wage is bad need to start calling for currency reform and switch to a non-inflationary currency. If you have inflation and wages are stagnant it's just a matter if time till everyone goes broke as their spending power is eroded from said inflation.


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I can't speak for the parent, but I would rather people get a basic income from the state (everyone gets a fixed amount of money every month) than having a minimum wage.

It is much better to give everyone enough to help top up their job than discourage people from getting jobs by making them more expensive than they are worth. It is better to give everyone $500 a month and let them take a $5 an hour job than force employers to pay them $15 an hour.


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But where would that money be coming from? Also, one could argue that a "basic income" is already available to low income households, as many qualify for social benefit programs such as food stamps, help with rent, and many others according to this link. It isn't $500 cash straight to their bank accounts, but it still has a monetary value at the end of the day.

All that being said, I do support raising the minimum wage, though not necessarily to $15 very rapidly, but enough to keep up with inflation/cost of living and all that. And I believe that these increases should happen yearly as well.

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hes a cop, as if we need to know more.

and he moderates v/opendiscussion. i didnt think it was funny either.


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Actually I support a better tax system. One where the only tax collected is a federal and state sales tax. Instead of paying income tax, inheritance tax, car tax, etc it is all taken out with every sale made, (like say a 20% sales tax). That would make it extremely hard to skip paying taxes and would drastically cut down on people working for the IRS (thus less tax money being wasted on employing IRS auditors). It would also mean more money going into the people's pockets every paycheck since there would be no income tax anymore.

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