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doesn't everyone deserve to make a livable wage working 40 hours a week?

No. Plain and simple. The cook at your local McDonalds should not be making $15/hour. They should be in high school, or attempting to further their education to get a higher paying job. Most people that make minimum wage are either working through high school, or they are not willing to further their education.

If someone wants more than minimum wage they should put in the effort to not make minimum wage. Want to make $20/hour? Study something other than a popular degree. Get a degree in something that actually makes sense and that is in high demand. Not something easy that everyone does just to slap a degree on their wall.

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[–] brokenfingers 12 points 152 points (+164|-12) ago  (edited ago)

I'm not fan of the high minimum wage, but I have to disagree with your 'tough love' ideas here. You have to come to terms with the idea that there are a lot of people in this country that are not going to be scientists, or accountants, or any other college level career. Yet most of them are more than willing to put in a 40 hour work week and contribute to society. Should they be penalized because they don't fit into your particular view of being valuable citizens? I wouldn't argue they should have upper middle class incomes, but in my opinion anyone willing to put in a full week's worth of work should be paid a living wage.


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So you think it's fair to have equal wages for people who actually go get an education and better themselves? There is no incentive to thrive if your making a high wage with NO SKILLS


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You have to come to terms with the idea that there are a lot of people in this country that are not going to be scientists, or accountants, or any other college level career. Yet most of them are more than willing to put in a 40 hour work week and contribute to society.

They should be learning a trade. Plumbers, electricians, welders. Skilled labores who work hard, put in their 40 or more per week, and earn a good living.

Mike Rowe (from Dirty Jobs) is a big advocate of this - there is a major shortage of skilled labor in this country, because (I think) everyone either aims too high getting a useless degree that they can't find a job for, or aims too low and wants to work unskilled jobs like burger flipping while still getting paid skilled labor rates.

Learn to be a roofer, or a carpenter, or any number of jobs where you will be a glorified gopher making next to nothing while also learning the trade to eventually become a skilled laborer.


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most of them are more than willing to put in a 40 hour work week and contribute to society.

So, what you're talking about here is trade skills. Trade skills do not typically hire hire at a minimum wage, and don't typically require schooling. Skills are earned on the job. I know plumbers that make 65k a year. I'm not exaggerating.

People earning minimum wage are largely the people without skills, and don't typically build skills by working at that job. If you were to hike the wage to 15 bucks an hour, the workers will be increasingly replaced with more automation. (Honestly, I would rather have my burgers made my robots. Robots don't catch colds.)

Hiking a minimum wage doesn't help the people you are talking about.


[–] Sosacms 2 points 4 points (+6|-2) ago 

Can we start dividing up states for those who want to build a we're all in this together community and those who want an everyone for themselves "community".


[–] let_them_eat_slogans 1 points 66 points (+67|-1) ago  (edited ago)

If people aren't making enough money to live from their jobs, then they're going on benefits. Do you prefer paying for these people (and thus subsidizing the businesses they work for) through your tax dollars?


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Freaking exactly. Wal-Mart pays people shit wages and actually costs states billions of dollars because all of their employees are on benefits.

These reagonomics bastards commenting here don't even realize that they could save their tax dollars if they forced businesses to pay a livable wage. Talk about irony.


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I can't speak for the parent, but I would rather people get a basic income from the state (everyone gets a fixed amount of money every month) than having a minimum wage.

It is much better to give everyone enough to help top up their job than discourage people from getting jobs by making them more expensive than they are worth. It is better to give everyone $500 a month and let them take a $5 an hour job than force employers to pay them $15 an hour.

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I work as a country club cook, providing quasi-fine dining. I only make $14/hr, but goddamnit I worked hard to get that rate. There is no way they are going to hike my pay up to 20/hr to maintain the same gap between McChef and me. I'll get a $1 raise that was already coming and make the same as a McChef who doesn't deserve $40k/yr. Fuck that. Fuck that yesterday and twice on Sunday.


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At which point you quit and go work for McDonalds, if the work is really that much easier. They'll eventually have to do more than the $1 an hour raise or risk losing their workforce.


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Why is your mindset "that guy deserves less" instead of "I deserve more"?


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You understand that the wage wouldn't double the day after this is passed right?

It will go about about $1/yr until it's at $15 in 2020 or so.

And $15/hr in 2020 still won't be enough.

This year minimum wage is now a full dollar/hr less than pre 1980 wage.

So basically wage have gone to shit since Reagan took office.


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I feel the same way, man! If $15 becomes the minimum, it makes the wages that I've worked hard to earn look like chump change. Other than that, I've always understood that raising minimum wage does no good for the economy... only causes inflation. Screw this $15 b/s.

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The best way to fix that is get a degree while you are still living with your parents. It is what my dad did, my granddad, my mom, my grandma, pretty much everyone does that. If you don't you should not be surprised you aren't making a livable wage. There is no way in hell a high school student living with his mom and dad should be making enough to afford an apartment, a car, and money to run around on. The only thing a high school student should be making money for is hanging out with friends and buying condoms.