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  1. Don't link to CNN you nigger faggot. Use a mirror.

  2. Note how this page subtly blames not black people, but human psychology (confirmation bias) and internet mob mentality.

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Even worse than linking to CNN is using the amp version of the page.

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AMP = Google tracking

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CNN wouldn't even be doing this story if the girl were white and not Hispanic.

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Note also, no mention of what CNN did to the Covington kids.

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the hypocrisy of denouncing internet race mobs while leading them yourself is truly beyond the pale. The utter lack of self awareness is astounding.

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CNN - CIA News Network.

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fucking disgusting behaviour. no wonder chimps end up in jail. Their not just uncivilised, they have the opposite of civility.

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better suited chucking spears at each other in the jungle and eating jamal from the other tribe.

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It should be illegal for blacks to be in groups larger than 3.

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It should be illegal for blacks to be.

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What happened to the filthy niggers who framed this woman?

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Everyone hates niggers. Sub human apes that were never meant to walk free in a human society. They try to emulate us and to a point they can, but a combination of savage and a primitive brain confuses and scares the average coon and you have your chimp out. They are impossible to have in a productive, safe society unless they are a very small percentage. Once there are more of them the jungle is quite apparent.

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Next in news: "Intelligence is racist! Ban intelligence!"

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If New Zealand can ban "It's OK to be white" signs because they are racist, anything is possible.

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Too many videos that conveniently start when white people react to nigger shit done before the camera rolls setting white people up to destroy their lives. If there's one job a nigger will do it's working at total destruction. Destruction of property, people & countries. They're the original wrecking ball

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