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I heard that Bernie Goetz had found a solution to this problem, but I don't remember what it was.

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what was the race of the attackers? I cant watch the video on my phone? and could you describe it a little?

[–] Heathcliff ago 

I couldn't tell. Poor quality and from the attacker's perspective. Looked like maybe the guy was filling it himself while he kicked the guy

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https://archive.ph/6JqJU :

2019-05-21 | Cops release brutal video of beatdown on MTA subway train

'Video footage of a young man being brutally beaten while riding an MTA subway train was released by police on Tuesday. '

'The victim can be seen bloody and battered in the shaky footage as he is kicked in the face and pummeled mercilessly by his assailants. '

'The NYPD said that the images originated on social media and they received it last week. '

'The suspects cannot be seen in the footage. '

'Cops have been canvassing hospitals looking for the victim. '

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