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Remember the Snowden leaks when liberals were actually opposed to the government scrutinizing every last bit of social media? Yeah, not anymore.

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Everyone smart enough to understand Snowden information is no longer on the left

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I still call myself a classic liberal. Moderate libertarian of sorts.

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It really demonstrates how unprincipled Leftists truly are. They loved Free Speech in the 60s, and hated corporations. But now they hate Free Speech, and therefore love "private corporations who can do whatever the fuck they please."

[–] Sheeitpost ago  (edited ago)

They just want to win. I have to say the right is the same way. Seems the whole human conflict is between idealism before facts and being blind to facts, and fact based outlooks not being open to possibilities and encouragement. Two different modes of thinking. Species won't survive shitz fucked.

[–] justregtoasku ago 

Whoops i meant to reply to your comment:

Snowed on is one of them unfortunately

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The truth about their agenda is hate speech.

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We're going to eliminate Facebook before they eliminate free-speech.

[–] AntiMason ago 

No you arent.

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Translated: We're going to shut you goys fucking mouths for talking about us jews & our pet blacks. Shaloms™✡️, weaklings

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Cuckbook is gonna be as boring as cnn. Plebs are gonna leave in droves

[–] totes_magotes 1 point 12 points (+13|-1) ago  (edited ago)

Very directly puts them on the wrong side of the 1st amendment because they're clearly stating that they are being a government actor and not acting as a private company.

The guaranteed lawsuits from this will be awesome.

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The Government of China Zuck?

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Is that why he speaks Mandarin and has a Chinese wife?

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Who the fuck is still using FB?

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Faggots. Retards. Retarded faggots.

[–] 1031grnis ago 

Remember the congressional hearings? One doesn't need a FB account for them to track you via your cell.

[–] Corpse_washer 1 point 3 points (+4|-1) ago 

Mission accomplished.

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We're going to work with hate speech to eliminate governments.

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