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We don't even know if it actually was VICE or some intelligence agency etc that got hired into VICE

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Thus no charges, or they get dropped

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lmao i want them to break into my home I'd have a field day. I need organic material for compost so my plants can grow.

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Our 2nd Amendment protects our 1st Amendment here . . .

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I don't think they realize what they've gotten themselves into. Roddy Duterte doesn't coddle criminals.

[–] wig ago 

Mossad always escapes from trial in the long run, in any country.


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I’m surprised the home invaders didn’t “accidentally “ trip over something - fall and break a leg or ankle, and then sue the homeowner.

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8Chan has done something impressive. They naturally, and fluidly transformed a bunch of autists into thee worlds most effective open source counter-intelligence think tank. So effective is 8chan that it's helping mold the cultural revolution in ways that are more in sync with the American revolution than the Bolshevik revolution. In doing so, it has enabled Russia and her allies to stay ahead of the globalists in ways that blow my mind.

Honestly, I'm surprised they didn't send intelligence agents to try taking them down sooner, but my god are they desperate to get Trump out of office because they know once he hits term two its game on.

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Too bad the home invaders didn't get shot.

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I suspect that this story is actually important as opposed to the normal pablum we are fed. How did this slip out?