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MT - misleading alarmist title. The kids were taken by CPS because of potential abuse and neglect. 1 son testified in court claiming abuse. I have nothing against off the grid, but the kids welfare do need to be taken into account. It looks like the kids have returned to the family, but if they do not upgrade their home conditions, i fear for the kids safety myself. (at least based off the pictures i found while googling)


[–] WorldWideSpiderWeb 1 points 28 points (+29|-1) ago  (edited ago)

You're right - They were returned to the family July 6th. Untimely article is untimely. This site has shit journalism.

Source -

Edit - I mean The Sleuth Journal has shit journalism. Not Voat. Voat IS the shit.


[–] Hawk 0 points 3 points (+3|-0) ago  (edited ago)

I respectfully disagree, You did some excellent journalistic work just now. After the OC shifted towards the histrionic a few paragraphs in, I came to the comments section for sanity and infomation, which you have duly provided. Thank you very much, have an upvoat.


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Maybe it's just me but 'off the grid' seems to imply that you have your own sources of grid-things: Renewable electricity generation, rain water catchment and storage, solar hot water, that kind of thing. Probably grow your own vegetables and live in a house made of renewable materials.

Not "feral family living in a tent".