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And it's not like this is an isolated incident, or it's just one area where this kind of thing happens. These stories have popped up in multiple states.


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It happens way too often for my liking. The state seems to think that it has way more say in how you raise your kids than it should.

I don't think anyone minds the idea of CPS saving kids from being sexually or physically abused or grossly neglected, but it shouldn't force people in to approved lifestyles.

I really can't think of anything more horrible than having your children taken from you. I love my kids more than anything. It's a very powerful way to exert control over people.


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Taken to one extreme, it becomes a threat to your freedom of speech. Voice an unpopular opinion? "Well then Mr. /u/Libby, you might be raising your kids in a manner detrimental to their development. If we leave them with you, they might not grow into law abiding citizens with an inability to question the status quo. We're going to have to take them from you until we decide. For their safety."


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Last year CPS had 3.2 million children reported on in the United States. 60-something percent of the reports were said to be substantive enough to merit a visit. Usually after reports from police, and multiple reports from schools/ neighbors/ etc. Of those 3.2 million children 700,000 children were taken out of their homes on a temporary basis. 2,000 children died because the state did not act quickly enough. Of those 700,000 taken out temporarily - 17% were pulled out of their homes permanently.

As far as this family goes - CPS needed to interfere. There kids were malnourished they were living under tarps (not even real tents) in january in kentucky, they had numerous police reports against them, the fired guns at the police, they didn't have access to clean water, the were pooping on other people's lands, they were stealing chickens, etc... what this article doesn't tell you (because it's alarmist crap) is that many people from all over the country donated to this family's dream. They now have an adequate house on that same acre plot - and they have a high tunnel for growing food that was donated from a local church.... and all their kids are back in the house.

So if you want to sharpen your pitchforks - go look up the story about the autistic kid (also from kentucky) who was allowed to play in his fenced in yard for 90 minutes - and they took him away from his family for six months, while his parents recieved "parenting training".


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The State, making Libertarians every day!

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