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The conspiracy side of me cant shake the feeling that another use for this tool is the President and his trusted advisors can use it to read/see the real feelings of the populace. If they are being given/reported examples of a citizen being censored they are also receiving with those reports the contents submitted/the opinion posted and shared... which they can use to determine how many citizens support the President and how many are against or neutral. Anyone else seeing this?

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They don't need submissions from the public in order to learn that stuff, plus submission will be a statistically insignificant portion of all the opinions being expressed. They get far far more valuable information about this from their traditional polls, surveys, and focus groups.

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Yup. That’s a pretty lazy conspiracy. I looked at the form, and it asks for your name, email, and telephone number, so it’s much more likely that Trump is just adding all of those emails and phone numbers to his campaign email and call lists.

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It's not about finding out that it's happening, it's about proving that it's happening.

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They get the best data by dumping it to an AI who is watching and listening to you 24/7 from every electronic device in your home. Real time analysis, not some passive collection.

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Your right. There are always hidden agendas. When they say a tool to report, it's a tool to collect. Everything can be turned 180° to find the truth

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Happy to hear im not alone on thinking this. Take care.

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They already have tools to collect and sort everyones data already, why would it matter?

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But why though? When they just buy it straight from FB they don't need to do this. Who do you think all the big data collectors sell to? Their biggest customer is the government.

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I've lost all hope that anything will be done. I feel uneasy about doxing myself on this shady link, but at this point, who gives a fuck what do we have to lose?

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It's worth it just to have someone in the White House staff read my tweets. ;)

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His staff are going to be exposed to Alt-Right viewpoints. Good, because they're insulated and surrounded by ((( globalists )))

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This is wrong. Private companies are allowed to do whatever they want on their own platforms. What is illegal is the multi-channel collusion that these companies have engaged in which is anti-competitive. They should be busted on that basis. Law works by precedent and this action sets a terrible precedent that is wholly detached from the actual code of law. Even tacit collusion is already illegal (i.e. the parties don't coordinate directly, e.g. based on a quietly agreed upon ideological position).

This collusion is what prevents Facebook competitors from materializing. Look at the shit Gab has gotten. You can't be expected, in a free market, to be blocked at every level of the supply chain (banking, payment processing, web hosting, image hosting, email, etc.), and have lobbyists (belonging to the same group of colluders) push the government to pass new laws to block you.

Pretending "censorship" and "Facebook bad" is the nature of the problem is to ignore the big picture, perhaps intentionally.

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Though it could potentially be used to springboard government regulations into the internet scene,
the tool, as it stands, is only data collection.
There are no accompanying rules.

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I understand. But this just reinforces the wrong assumptions about what the problem actually is. The laws already exist for which these companies ought to be prosecuted. Hell, Microsoft was prosecuted for far, far less in the 90s.

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Controlling the speech on their platform makes them a publisher. It's true that company has a legal right to be a publisher. Publishers are also liable for the words that are printed in their platform. If facebook and twitter want to delete posts that point out fbi crime statistics, then can also be sued when a post says that melania trump used to be a prostitute.

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Except, when their technology becomes the public forum (like the town square) it’s not so clear an issue.

Also, the anti-competitive angle probably won’t get much traction. Anti-trust action hasn’t been a thing for decades. We don’t seem able to take down monopolies in this country anymore. The corruption has set in real good.

The people screaming that this will come down to some sort of conflict may be right. Sad, but very likely true.

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The trouble with this is that you acknowledge that the government (through lobbyists) are the source of the collusion, but you also expect the government to solve the problem.

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And yet this post is about one part of the government supposedly trying to do something about the problem. That sets the expectation of some part of the government doing something to solve the problem.

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Dear White House,

I found it highly disturbing that YouTube censored and deleted the White House hanukkah 18` celebration comment section on the official White House account. Tens of thousands of users from all across the world typed their fingers bloody to send death treats, criminal accusations, and the most creative hatred ever conceived against the jews. And after an hour of calling out the criminal jewish cabal someone at YouTube had the audacity to end the most diverse comment section I've ever witnessed. Please look into this so that in the future vocal justice can be brought to the perpetrators of the vilest crimes in human history, without them cutting of our voices.

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This is good. The first step towards taking any kind of legal action against them is collecting documentation.

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will this end up as a other "LOCK HER UP" where there is more than enough evidence but Trump would rather look the other way and pretend he is doing something inoted of actually doing something.

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The way this would probably work is that the feds will probably just bully them into changing their policies, or maybe if they find enough evidence of a crime they would negotiate a settlement with a fine and a commitment that they will chance their policy.

What would actually end deplatforming and censorship by these companies would be some kind of legislation prohibiting this behavior and/or a suit gets appealed all the way up to the supreme court where a precedent is set that prohibits all tech companies from that behavior. I don't think congress has the will to pass that kind of law, and I think facebook or twitter would risk appealing something and unless it's incredibly damaging to the company like saying that their censorship makes them a publisher (which would mean they are liable for everything that everyone says on their platform).

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https://tweetsave.com/whitehouse/status/1128765001223663617 :

The White House on Twitter: "The Trump Administration is fighting for free speech online.

No matter your views, if you suspect political bias has caused you to be censored or silenced online, we want to hear about it!

/9lc0cqUhuf… /8oRGeEqRwx"

This has been an automated message.

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This move really really triggered the shills. Fantastic.

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Holy Beautiful

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