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I want ya'll fuckers to remember why you voted for Trump. If hilary was in office would she have backed down from this proposal?

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If Hilldog was in office the Americans would have lost their weapons Australian style the second the Las Vegas shooting happened, then their free speech would have gone out the window.


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One does not just lose their guns. You can have my guns when they cool off and I'm super fucking dead.

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Yet we have anti-jew bullshit sweeping legislation flying through congress. Fuck the ZOG. I'll say whatever I want you kike sand niggers.

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https://archive.ph/AUJR6 :

2019-05-15 | Christchurch Call: White House won't sign deal to stop online extremism - The Washington Post

'White House officials said free-speech concerns prevented them from formally signing onto the largest campaign to date targeting extremism online. '

'Still, in a statement about the Christchurch Call, the White House said it stands “with the international community in condemning terrorist and violent extremist content online,” and supports the call’s goals. '

'U.S. officials also have struggled with the rise of online extremism and its ability to incite real-world violence. '

'The White House felt the document could present constitutional concerns, officials there said, potentially conflicting with the First Amendment, even though Trump previously has threatened to regulate social media out of concern that it’s biased against conservatives. '

'Before the attack, the shooter also posted a hate-filled manifesto online that included references to previous mass killings. '

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