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You faggot, who cares what the verge cucks think?

Here's the link

It asks you to dox yourself.

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Everyone should open a separate account on Twitter and just follow the president and a few other not-super-controversial conservatives ie Tim Pool and Lauren Southern (if someone here calls them "controlled opposition" they're probably safe). Don't post anything. Retweet 2 tweets from the president. Wait a few weeks. Your account will be banned. Then you can put that into the website with your real name.

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That's a great idea.

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https://archive.ph/rFgzu :

2019-05-15 | White House launches tool to report censorship on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter - The Verge

' In a statement, the White House said that it “was not currently in a position to join the endorsement.”'

'Earlier on Wednesday, the White House announced that it would not be endorsing a call from international leaders to combat online extremism as a response to the tragic white nationalist terrorist attack in Christchurch, New Zealand. '

'Just last month, President Trump met with Twitter founder and CEO Jack Dorsey. '

'Ted Cruz (R-TX) later made it a key policy issue by holding a hearing with Facebook and Twitter executives to discuss the alleged bias. '

'Some committees, like House Energy and Commerce and Senate Judiciary, have even held hearings on the issue where lawmakers questioned officials from companies like Facebook and Twitter over the alleged bias. '

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WOW, now they can investigate. Need more lawyers to investigate. 1 million jobs created, HEADLINE " 1 million Jew Lawyers hired to investigate the investigations that led to an investigation of said investigation."

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Because that white house petition tool has been so useful since Trump took office, lulz

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That's interesting. It seems many people that got banned from facebook can still exist on youtube. But, censorship should be lessened. Yeah, government should do more talks with those internet sites. Nobody cares about internet sites until they become huge in size.

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Shady link, I noped out of there.

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That site is hosted on typeform.com. It looks shady has hell.