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Lol, faggots always pushing fake news propaganda.

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Legislation is being pushed to shut down "fringe sites like 8chan and Gab". That includes Voat.

Rep. Mike Rogers, the ranking Republican member of the committee, asked intelligence and law enforcement experts from the FBI, Justice Department and DHS how the US can tackle the issue, seeking advice to guide possible legislation.

"Do you have any recommendations about what can be done to address the violent hate speech and incitement of violence found on fringe sites like 8chan and Gab, and that's for any of you," he asked.

He was met with silence.

"Y'all don't have any suggestions for us?" responded the Alabama congressman. "That's scary. We can't make policy without good advisement." The officials then explained the difficulties in monitoring the forums and balancing free speech. And DHS says they have developed robust partnerships with the tech sector. But at the root of it all, again, is there's no domestic terrorism statute.

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You can shit down a site, but never an idea.

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https://archive.ph/SVic0 :

2019-05-14 | White supremacism is terrorism, experts say - CNN

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