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If that happens the economy will immediately collapse and there will be a civil war in 30 days. Not a chance in hell that will happen. Its all just bluffing. If we closed the border with Mexico most products you see today will be gone if they are made in that shithole. Think most-all auto parts like oil filters. Many electric tools like my cool new Dewalt router. That shit was made in Mexico. If that stuff all stopped coming in it would take a decade to be able to make even a modest replacement here in this country. Nope. The border will remain open.

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No, I am pretty sure this is the case. See the money flow around the world on the SWIFT financial backbone is a pretty touchey thing at this point. Hell, with no major shocks to the system it is just barely not exploding. Add to that fragile mix a massive meth head faggot tranny with a jackhammer and see if anything gets broken. Yeah The economy would shit the bed grandly if that border closed. The product flow across that border is matched by a money flow across various bank accounts in the world. BOTH WOULD STOP. The insuing collapse would be colossal and would take a decade to dig out of at the least. That is basically what everyone is trying to avoid right now. All these world leaders are holding economic knives to their necks.

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You DO know what ships are, do you not? You,make it seem like they wouldnt keep,doing,business. Shutting the border down doesnt mean trucks carrying,products will stop. The birder has had shut downs before and this never happened. Your either stupid,or dumb, which is it?