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This is beyond a joke. There are how many countries that are closer where they could seek asylum? This is obviously not about asylum and just wanting a free pass to immigrate to the the country. Asylum laws are going to have to be rewritten.

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Why is it so hard to shoot them from a distance

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Lack of proper breathing technique, bad trigger pull and flinch at the moment of firing?

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Rewritten to: shoot any non-white asylum seekers.

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subsaharan-african-cannibals aren't here for asylum, they're here to cannibalize!

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a surge of Cuban nationals at the southern border, along with a swell of Chinese and African migrants

So the traditional communist output, the communist horde, and the communist horde's engineering plaything. Nothing suspicious there at all.

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This shit is so infuriating! Close the damn border!

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We are worried because at the shelters, the Cubans are paying and us Africans, we can't, the man said. We don't understand what's happening.

They're telling us the border is corrupt, whoever pays gets in line first. Besides that WTF are they doing here and how did they get here with no money? How do they plan to eat and get housing? I'm sure a plane ticket from Africa isn't cheap and I know they didn't swim. They should get in touch with whoever brought them here and demand an explanation.

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Thanks. We have to take out the people running this operation.

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Just when you thought it couldn't possibly get any worse...

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Ebola ?

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Hold my beer; Ebola Rape Gangs.

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Well they certainly didn't swim there.

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hee heh

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I’m sure this ‘large group’ got free air travel to Mexico just to step on our doormat. These must be the sinister topics discussed and schemed at Bilderberg and elsewhere.

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Lot of shitheads working as "missionaries" giving these ducks legal advice

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