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The liberal fucks just cannot stand the thought that white children might have a safe place to grow up.

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How dare whitey try to make our ghettos nicer!

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Ikr it would be horrible if the streets were just clean, if you ever been through a nigger town the streets are so bad they have daily street sweepings.

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Modern gentrification by and large is done by foreign real estate investment firms from countries with lots of brown people rehabilitating dilapidated neighborhoods and selling those homes to anyone who can afford them and want to live in turn of the 20th century homes.

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They not only demand what they think is their God-given right to trash every place they can get into----they also demand that it stay trashed forever.

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Same old pattern.

Nogs shit don't stink, so they blame white people. Because Nogs are professional victims.

White people improve an area, then the Nogs complain it "aint like it used to be" as if preserving their war-torn shithole existence was a benefit. It'll probably reach a head with a massive chimp-out, and after the stores stop burning the Nogs will blame the police for "profiling" them when most of the rioters were black to begin with.

Fucking idiots. If you look at any of the crime stats for that fucking shithole you can easily determine where the black populations are. Nogs ruin everything, even the Nation's Capital.