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A failing jew propaganda outlet. There is hope goats.

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Salon is indeed 'left of left' and semi far left, its basically socialist propaganda. Proof :


Dance on Salon.com's grave

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I'm happy to see this happen to blatantly one-sided sites. Who wants to pay for part of a poorly researched or intentionally misleading story? The other part of what is going on too is GOOG and FB are sucking the air out of the room for ad revenues on the "free" (ad-supported) sites: http://fortune.com/2017/01/04/google-facebook-ad-industry/

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People shipped salt to NYT under the #SendEmSalt troll campaign.
I'd like to humbly suggest:

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Hah! You also forgot the now bannable phrase on twitter , facebook, youtube, instagram, snapchat :


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This is how they protect their money from lawsuits and the upcoming Covington Kid annihilation.

They continue to say whatever they want and now a new ownership structure isolates them further from any legal repercussion.

That is all this is.

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If they seriously were selling it there's no way they would settle for $5M. That amount is so low, it might as well have been zero dollars.

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You are wise. Interesting. I bet they too were served papers, or on the cusp. The buyer needs to be informed of all pending litigation by law, else the deal is nullified though.

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From Salon:

Could President Trump, Justice Clarence Thomas and a Kentucky teenager make it harder for liberals to criticize conservatives by redefining what constitutes defamation in the United States? Nick Sandmann appears determined to do that.

Can anyone guess what I changed in this quote? It is obvious if you consider Salon wrote it.

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For that price, the buyer must be somebody who isn't really buying it so much as helping salon evade the lawsuits.

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You're right. The (((SEC))) will protect them.

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oy vey we must use goytard taxpayer money to bail them out!! Shaloms™✡️

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It's what they want sadly. Likely may happen.

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Remember all the pro pedo articles salon wrote? Good riddance.

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Soros money incoming

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Already posted, but worth laughing at again:-) https://voat.co/v/news/3220763 Makes you wonder if Obama was really paying taxpayer $ratch to some of these leftist rags and the "program" ended. I suspect so.

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DONT USE ARCHIVERS on non-ad laden sites! (I see no ads, none on my (the OP) link.

That redundant submission is the problem of archive sites; they diminish ability to let voat know if a subverse such as v/News already got a link submission hours earlier.

The second problem with archivers is typically (but not that one) to force people to enable javascript!

My link submission (the OP) renders perfectly fine and readable, and re-actively dynamically resizeable WITH JAVASCRIPT FORCED OFF for that site for safety, but with Javascript off, the top of that page on archive.fo is unreadable (90% of the headline of the article is covered by a frozen popup ad). Turn off javascript and verify yourself.

Third problem, Other than insecurity of running javascript, third party sites could harvest voat IPs with custom unique archive links.

Fourth problem, its a single point of failure.

FIFTH PROBLEM, I cannot resize my web browser window on https://archive.fo/c52dg (archive.fi) and have it reflow text, but the CSS and HTML with javascript OFF on the original link that I used works fine.

There are countless problems to never use a goddamned archiver EXCEPT as a bot within the post thread for posterity.

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All assets have to be sold and salon.com. the .com name will probably later be turned into a profitable porn site, right? Anything that it takes to be profitable. Just kidding. Maybe a communist site.

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